Why Stanley Ho has 4 wives when monogamy is practiced in China?Gambling king: is the qing dynasty to the privilege

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In May 2020, Stanley Ho’s legendary life came to an end.It is reported that the gambling king has a total of four wives, especially the first wife Li Wanhua, second wife Lanqiong Ying, third wife Chen Wanzhen, fourth wife Angela Leong.The four wives gave birth to a total of 17 children, 12 girls and five boys, to the gambling king and Mr. Ho.I’m afraid many netizens are very curious about why Stanley Ho can have four wives in a monogamous society in China. Isn’t this a crime of bigamy?Of course our country is monogamous, but it is also true that Stanley Ho has four wives, and it is not illegal.Ascribe its reason to want to drag in history question, wager king: this is the privilege that qing dynasty gives.The Qing Dynasty once issued a Great Qing Regulations, which practiced polygamy, and it was normal for a husband to have multiple wives.Polygamy was technically outlawed in 1912, when the Qing dynasty fell, so why could Mr Ho still legally have four wives?For those familiar with history, Hong Kong was ceded to Britain during the Qing Dynasty and was officially returned to China in 1997.After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Kong remained under British administration.The British in Hong Kong at that time followed the British laws, while the Chinese followed the Decrees of the Qing Dynasty.Although the Qing Dynasty had been destroyed, the “Decrees of the Qing Dynasty” had been handed down, because the name was not banned, so it has been in use.In fact, The Great Qing Decrees in Hong Kong at that time already existed in name only, but it became a talisman for many rich people.If you want to marry multiple wives, you can take out the “Decrees of the Great Qing Dynasty”, and the Civil affairs Bureau has nothing to say.The Qing Decrees were used in Hong Kong until 1971, when they were abolished.After that, all The Chinese in Hong Kong practiced monogamy, even the rich were not allowed to make exceptions.Note here that only his first wife and second wife were legally married. When Ho married the second wife, he married Laam On the grounds that Lai wan-wah was in poor health and needed another partner to manage his business, and he also had legal concubinage documents.As for the third wife and the fourth wife, They were both married by Stanley Ho in the 1980s and were already monogamous. If He married them, it would be a crime of bigamy.But in fact, the third wife and the fourth wife have no name. They are nominally Mr Ho’s lovers, not wives.But for Stanley Ho’s social status, no one would dare to say much, even if they were not given a title. In essence, there is no difference between Stanley Ho and his wife.In fact, such things are not only happening in Hong Kong, in our case as well.Macau is more magical than Hong Kong, where men were also legally allowed to take concubines until 1980, when the Decrees of the Qing Dynasty were abolished.That time is so close to today that it’s hard to imagine anything so magical happening.If you have anything to say about this, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.