Chess ten ‘wild devils’ suddenly born,’ abuse ‘super beauty Tang Sinan, tonight big war

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Beijing time on February 15 at 7:00 PM, when the Lantern Festival, ten masters, ten tigers, provincial crown siege chess fairy Tang Sinan’s super battle will be in the ma Daha chess club (chess club number: 126857) launched “abuse” drama, crazy.Chess super beautiful girl master, “Chess fairy” Tang Sinan (quick hand:Chess masters Tang Sinan), the cause of all the way, below seeding while speaking, even the master of man Li Hongjia, Zhao Wei, women’s master Song Jiaxuan, four carriages Liu Zongze, guangdong tiger coach Chen Qiu, ten war James huang, teh hong piow, Lin Chuanbo, shaanxi champion lee, jiangsu champion GeJing, top ten super GongLei hand, violent confrontation between men and women, passionate, mixed kill of intense is special,Ten “wild demon” besiege chess little fairy, witness beauty master, strength male will glory and glory.This competition, is sponsored by the horse horse chess group of heroes, “black powder leader” “sit idle and say xuanzong” planning and exclusive sponsorship, Wang Haibing (horse horse) director, beauty chess fan Hui girl (management backbone) presided over, Tang Sinan and ten masters, ten tigers, provincial crown to perform.Ma Daha Chess group, by Ma Daha and a number of love chess colleagues, iron hand in hand to establish, the group has a number of national champions, grandmasters, chess masters, previously, has planned and hosted wang Tianyi, Jiang Chuan and other large masters of the war, the group members are good relations of chess brothers and sisters.Ma Daha, chess super network red, has been repeatedly with Wang Tianyi, Jiang Chuan and other top masters fight, hosted ma Daha cup, well-known chess, nan Weiqing cup previously, xuanzong cup, laughing cup, is also hosted by ma Daha Chess group of heroes.Tang Sinan is one of the top five beauties in the chess field. She is good at playing chess and has won the title of chess fairy. She has numerous fans, especially male chess fans.Tang Sinan from childhood, he ruled with age women’s war, won five national youth championship, then she is at the age of 19 years old, women’s elder sister let it fly, etc was officer Yang pressure p cup national women’s professional title, and then take the ball bearing cup national open women, national youth competition competition, helps zhejiang women and the women across the country won twice.Tang Sinan team won the second place of the top in 2015, with the title only one point, to achieve personal career about career highs, and will also to a higher peak impact, fairy now are rated the women’s national seven strong, high ranked in the first three twice, only to let it fly lin-na wang masters of two women, all the year round in the women’s top 10, a great war.This challenge Tang Sinan ten men, is each force, in accordance with the order, they are women’s master Song Jiaxuan, four carriages Liu Zongze, jiangsu champion GeJing, guangdong tiger coach Chen Qiu, 10 10 tiger fights Lin Chuanbo, James huang, national master Li Hongjia, shaanxi champion lee, chess masters Zhao Wei, guangdong tiger teh hong piow ten.The match is held by the main challenge Tang Sinan, and the trawler is the first, each side ten minutes, each step to add 5 seconds, the prize is quite interesting, the winner will get the grand prize, and no prize, lose their own “prize”.At seven tonight, lock both the chess club (chess club number: 126857), the chess master super beautiful girl, chess fairy Tang Sinan war ten super man, QiJie men and women mix kill peak drama, passion, is is not let a man, or a shadow of a doubt, war has been prepared, we sincerely invite you to come, enjoy chess road, a review of the war.