Helpless!Some Men in Europe are changing gender to female in order to get an early pension

2022-05-21 0 By

Today we are going to talk about a news event that makes people’s noses suck.As we all know, since the outbreak of the epidemic, strange people and strange things have emerged in Europe and the United States. What is this time?More and more Europeans are finding a shortcut to riches and prosperity: change sex to a woman!Because women retire at an earlier age, they can retire early and get their pension earlier, thus starting retirement mode in life.Not to mention, there are many people who think this way, such as a case in Switzerland reported by The French media these days.The retirement age in Switzerland is 65 for men and 64 for women.A 60-year-old man from the Canton of Lucerne changed his gender at the civil registry office in order to receive his pension a year earlier.An incongruous and profitable approach.The story was widely reported in the Swiss media and spread to neighboring countries.The Swiss man did not undergo surgery, but took advantage of existing Swiss policies.From January 1, 2022, simply fill in the information, submit the application, chat with staff for 10 minutes, pay 75 Swiss francs, and change “gender” in minutes is not a dream!Is it that simple?Yes, it’s that simple.Anyway, he is still a man, but data files change, do not affect the normal life, so easy operation can get retirement in advance, to the loophole for why not?I wonder if the Swiss government has considered how many social problems this disturbing simplification will cause?In addition to early retirement, there is exemption from military service.The group that moves crooked brain suddenly discovered “new continent”, open is new world, take money can escape social responsibility again.There has been no immediate response from the Swiss authorities and there have been concerns in the Swiss media about social problems caused by administrators accepting all transgender applications unconditionally because they do not want to be accused of being ‘transphobic’.Media and netizens think, how also should have a formal medical certificate as identification evidence?But will medical institutions, like administrators, not want to be saddled with the burden of unconditionally issuing certificates?That’s also a problem.The news sparked heated discussion among French netizens.Some netizens said that they do not need to read novels, but the reality report is enough wonderful dog blood.Some people said sarcastically and disappointedly that they thought the Swiss were sincere and serious, but they were also very cunning!It could be said that the Swiss have set a bad precedent, and imitators will proliferate if the authorities do not take steps to raise the bar.Giving people more choice and freedom is a good thing, but there are no loopholes, so it’s time to think about and act on ways to avoid a range of social harms.