The first batch of COVID-19 antigen testing kits has arrived in Guanghe

2022-05-21 0 By

Recently, “antigen testing” as a supplementary test for the Novel Coronavirus has become a hot topic.Recently, this kind of kit has arrived in our county health bureau.On the afternoon of March 30, the reporter saw at the county health bureau that the COVID-19 antigen test kit delivered by Linxia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. had arrived in our county.The kits delivered to our county were produced by Aikang Biotechnology (Hangzhou) Co., LTD. 216 boxes were delivered, 25 pieces per box, a set of testing reagents including disposable swab, sample elution and antigen detection kit.The first batch of kits will be unified deployment by the county health bureau.The application of the kit will effectively promote the “antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis” surveillance model, improve the ability of “early detection, early treatment”, and effectively reduce the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.Linxia State Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Guanghe County medical distribution chief Ma Bin said:”Linxia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. immediately purchased a batch of COVID-19 antigen detection reagents and put them into Use in Guanghe. The use of detection reagents can rapidly screen people with respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms within 5 days of their appearance, effectively reducing the heavy task of nucleic acid testing in primary medical institutions.”It is understood that antigen detection cannot replace nucleic acid detection, antigen detection only as a supplementary means, when antigen detection is positive, must be through nucleic acid detection for final diagnosis.Experts say that if the novel Coronavirus antigen test is negative, the self-testing reagent can be discarded as household garbage.If the novel Coronavirus antigen test result is positive, the self-test reagent should be properly kept, and the CDC personnel should be contacted in a timely manner to dispose of the self-test reagent as medical waste.Reporter: Ma Yu editor: Ma Yu responsible editor: Ma Keyang