Winter Olympic athletes: Yuzuru Hanyu elegant never out of style, Trusova new height of beauty

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High appearance level of Winter Olympic Athletes: Gu Ailing is the most eye-catching, Shelbakova temperament touching — Introduction.The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end in an outcry from netizens. Zhang Yimou’s aesthetic needs no further explanation, according to the audience: “You can always trust Zhang Yimou’s vision.”Along with all the exciting images from the opening ceremony, the high standard of appearance of the Winter Olympic athletes was also trending.For example, the banner bearer of “Black Mountain” caught in the middle of the topic is a typical example of being directly carried by netizens in a hot search.It can be said that when the flag bearer of Montenegro appeared, the two boys wearing masks immediately attracted the attention of the audience. Many netizens immediately began to search for the relevant information of the two men. As a result, they were quickly found out the full face photos, which really deserved the Chinese speed!However, to the disappointment of most netizens, neither the long-haired boy holding the national flag with his female companion in the camera nor the short-haired boy behind him looked so good after removing the mask.At first sight, the sense of surprise disappeared, and at the same time, netizens were awakened to the sense of humor. In this regard, many people joked: “It seems that the law of the handsome face mask is universal to all Chinese.”However, when it comes to athletes with high appearance at the Beijing Winter Olympics, there are actually quite a few.For example, liu Xinyu, a handsome man with big back hair, was also noticed at the opening ceremony.(Liu Xinyu photo, from Xinhua News Agency) In the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes appeared in the scene, Liu Xinyu “a big back in the red” style, really conspicuous, BELIEVE that people who have paid attention to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, he is not strange to him.Liu Xinyu, who formed the “ice dance group” with Wang Shiyue, has a height of 1.9 meters. Although he will always contrast Wang Shiyue in the interview, he is very petite, but the strength of the two together can not be underestimated.As recently as Feb 4, 2022, the duo, known as “Motor Engine”, scored 74.66 points in the ice dance rhythm dance competition, ranking fifth and scoring six points for Team China.Liu Xinyu, who has both strength and height and appearance level, can say that she has many “hardcore fans”.And at the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, when he appeared wearing a mask, his striking height and shape, which impressed the audience, really made him inhale a wave of powder.Now that the ice dance has been mentioned, in addition to Liu Xinyu, there is a star can not not be mentioned, that is the above liu Xinyu holding this, he is — Hanyu Yuanyu.Like Fukuhara, Yuzuru Hanyu is very popular in China, not only because of his true athletic spirit, but also because of his exceptional level.A CCTV commentator once described Yuzuru Hanyu with the following words: “Her face is like jade, her posture is like pine, and her mind is like a wandering dragon.Fate whispers to the brave: You cannot withstand the storm.The warrior whispers, “I am the storm.”Can let CCTV sports program host so spare no effort to praise, can only say that the figure skating “big evil king”, is not the general fierce!Of course, there are many people in the audience who do not agree with Yuzuru Hanyu’s appearance level, but they do not oppose the “noble son”, just from the personal aesthetic point of view of this sentence.They believe that yuzuru Hanyu is not so much attracted by his appearance as his elegant posture on ice, which is believed to be the greatest recognition of his strength.Having said the two handsome men, let’s take a look at the beautiful athletes.When it comes to beautiful women, Internet users probably can think of Russia, a country where handsome men and beautiful women run everywhere. For example, Anna Serbakova, the “daughter” who once shone in the “figure skating” women’s singles.In terms of strength, At the age of 14, Serbakova completed two quadruple jump hooks in international competitions, becoming the “first person” in the history of women’s single skating.Then, at the age of 15, Serbakova won the China Cup World Figure skating Grand Prix in Chongqing.But because of the Russian women’s single skating program, there are a lot of talent, before, the all-Russian figure skating championships, Serbakova failed to achieve a fourth consecutive title.In terms of physical appearance, Serbakova is definitely a young and beautiful little beauty, with big eyes and long eyelashes, plus a high nose bridge and elegant posture. Finally, she has a well-informed family, which is why Serbakova is called “daughter”.In addition to the “daughter” Sherbakova, Russia Austria team players there is a known as “Princess Aisha” Trusova, is the same appearance.Because of her strength and high appearance level, Trusova has been attracting a lot of attention in China. She is also known as the “Beauty without dead corners”. She is not only beautiful in daily photos posted on social platforms, but also more charming when she plays figure skating in the competition.There are many netizens concerned about the Winter Olympic Games, are on Trussova’s “ice crab step”, amazed.”Boys can do quadruple jumps. Girls can do quadruple jumps. I want to be the first one,” trusova said.And she pulled it off. How could the audience not love such a capable and good-looking contestant?Finally, let’s look at Gu Ailing.Gu, who is of Chinese and American origin, took part in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4. Like other Chinese athletes, Gu wore a red hat, coat and red mask, but she was still recognized by many.Gu also posted photos of herself at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on her social media platform.Is Gu Ailing beautiful?Of course the United States!Moreover, her beauty lies not only in her figure and facial features, but also in her youthful vigor and confidence when facing the camera.Such confidence is not the superiority brought to her by the name of “mixed blood and genius”, but the vitality given to her by the simple sport of skiing.So, when someone looked at her face and called her “doll”, she would smile and say: “I’m not a doll, I’m just a haidian child.”Similarly, in the professional field, as a “once-in-a-century” freestyle skiing genius, throughout history, the first debut on Xgames, has won three MEDALS in the women, this time, “haidian children” GuAiLing on behalf of the Chinese national team in Beijing Olympics, is one of the top players in the title, we are looking forward to her to get a good grades!The appearance level of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games athletes is a big reward, temporarily to the end of here, so, now there are no athletes you think the appearance level is super high but not selected?Some of the photos are from Xinhua News Agency, Gu Ailing’s official account, zhang Yimou’s studio official account.