Diabetes caused by eating too much sugar?Can cutting out sugar control blood sugar?Here’s the truth

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Diabetes has become a well-known disease. Many people think that because diabetes contains sugar, its occurrence is related to eating sugar, so that they dare not eat any food containing sugar, and they are afraid to see fruit or candy. Is diabetes really caused by eating sugar?Is sugar really the cause of diabetes?Some people think that diabetes is closely related to eating sugar. Eating too much sugar can induce diabetes, so they refuse to eat any food containing sugar. This kind of cognition is completely wrong.Diabetes is actually disorder caused by the body coordinate system, each person has a suitable for their own blood sugar control system, obtained from the food carbohydrates, after enters the body can be broken down into glucose, glucose into the blood circulation after converted to blood sugar, blood glucose can stimulate pancreatic islet B cells secrete large amounts of insulin, thus reduce blood sugar levels.Once the blood glucose control system in the body is disordered or diseased, the blood glucose cannot be controlled, resulting in diabetes.There is no denying the fact that high sugar diet can cause diabetes, but this is not the only factor, lack of exercise, sit still for a long time, with great pressure, has a history of family, a large number of smoking and drinking, high fat and high fat diet, big fish big meat to eat, and sleep deprivation, these bad habits can cause metabolic abnormalities, eventually lead to diabetes.In general, diabetes is a lifestyle disease, so we should actively adjust the unhealthy lifestyle, pay attention to balanced and comprehensive nutrition, refuse smoking and drinking, keep moderate exercise and adequate sleep, actively control weight, learn to release pressure.How to control sugar scientifically in daily life?1. Know the Sugar Content of Your food To avoid consuming too many calories and sugar, always read the ingredients list before buying food.Nutrition information is listed on the package of any kind of food, including energy, fat content, sodium content, protein, carbohydrate and so on. Calories and sugar content are calculated according to the total amount of food, and those with too much sugar are rejected.2. Choose low-sugar/small-package products In order to adapt to the market, merchants have launched diets suitable for diabetes patients, such as low-sugar or sugar-free biscuits, drinks and bread, etc. Such products can be selected, but small packages are preferred to avoid eating too much at one time.3, choose sugar-free food to scientific control of sugar intake, may wish to replace sugary products with sweeteners, sweeteners can also produce sweet, but sweeteners do not participate in the body metabolism, so it will not produce heat.There are many sugar-free options on the market, such as sugar-free drinks, chocolate, biscuits or yogurt.Tips If you want to prevent diabetes, you should not only control sugar intake scientifically, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle.The body mass index should be between 18.5 and 23.9 to get rid of fat around the internal organs. Waist circumference should be no more than 85 centimeters for women and 90 centimeters for men.Ensure at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every day, 4 to 5 times a week, can improve muscle energy consumption and glucose, improve insulin resistance, improve insulin sensitivity, but do not do strenuous exercise, so as not to cause a sharp rise in blood sugar.In addition, for diabetes patients, in addition to taking hypoglycemic drugs or injecting insulin in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice, life intervention should also be done, blood glucose level should be tested frequently, and regular review should be done.Family doctor online special article, shall not be reproduced without authorization