Espanyol VS Sevilla score prediction in La Liga

2022-05-22 0 By

Espanyol will host Sevilla in the La Liga game on February 20 at 9pm Beijing time.Espanyol, who won the Spanish league last season, finished 14th in the league with seven wins, seven draws and 10 defeats in 24 matches.Sevilla, who ranked fourth in the league last season, are in second place with 14 wins, eight draws and two losses in 24 rounds of the league this season.History: In the last 54 meetings between the two sides, Espanyol has won 12, drawn 12 and lost 30, scoring 61 goals and losing 98.The biancocelesti have not won against Sevilla in seven matches and espanyol have lost three in a row, even at home.The Spaniard has a record of two wins, three draws and five losses in his last 10 games, scoring 14 goals and losing 20, with a winning percentage of 20% and an unbeaten percentage of 80%, with two draws and three losses in his last five games.Sevilla have won five, drawn four and lost one of their last 10 games, scoring 14 goals and losing seven, with a win rate of 50% and an unbeaten rate of 90%, with two wins and three draws in their last five games.Spain’s Melamed was suspended for one match and Moraneses for two, but striker Thomas is still in good shape.Sevilla’s strikers lamela and Suso and defender Montiel are currently out with injuries.The Spaniards are still very good at home, and Sevilla have a hope of winning the title this season, and their away record is also worth acknowledging.Sevilla played a Europa League game on The 18th before this match, and their physical reserves are certainly not as good as those of the Spaniards, so it will be very difficult for sevilla to win this game.Draw: 1-1, 0-1# football ## Draw: 1-1 #