For the sake of benevolence and justice, the United States even robbed the starving people of Afghanistan of their food rations

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The worst country in the last 40 years, Afghanistan is second, but no one can say first.It came under Soviet control in the 1970s, and after a few changes of leadership, the Soviet Union simply took over with troops.Eight years of war, the Soviet Union lost a lot of blood, the United States and other external forces desperately support anti-Soviet forces.Afghanistan has seen the rise of numerous warlords.The Soviets withdrew, the puppet government collapsed, and the country’s warlords fought again.The Taliban came to power, the situation was stable for five or six years, for this brief peace, The Afghan people paid a million deaths.In 2001, the Beacon State of America was caught off guard by the Terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden, a Saudi, which killed 2,996 people and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage.The Afghan Taliban immediately condemned the attack and said it had nothing to do with it.Indeed, 15 of the 19 hijackers in the terrorist attacks were Saudi, as was Osama bin Laden.After the attack, the GOVERNMENT of the United States jumped up and down, looking for revenge. How?To whom?Precision drone killings were not available at the time, and even if they were, the United States would not bother to use them.Then let’s fight, overwhelming, three-dimensional offensive, not to mention much facade.The attackers were mostly Saudis, so it stands to reason that the Saudis, or at least the House of Saud, should be blamed.But the problem is that Saudi Arabia is the core pillar of petrodollar (hegemony), and the dollars Saudi Arabia earns are translated into investment in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in the United States, which is too much for the United States. Even Trump knows that he must protect Saudi Arabia.The US could not prosecute Saudi Arabia. After the terrorist attack, apart from investigation, the US immediately sent all the Saudi royal family, senior officials and dignitaries in the US out of The US to avoid retaliation from the US.During World War II, the United States first sent hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans to concentration camps after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor far from the mainland.This is not a slight difference.Since they couldn’t touch the Saudis, and they had long ago expelled bin Laden as a citizen, they had to go after him.When the Americans find out that Bin Laden is hiding in Afghanistan, that would be great, just as a “poor ghost” to make an example to the world.At the end of September 2001, the United States began to open the way in Afghanistan, coaxed the Northern Alliance and other powerful forces, until the time, the United States bombers, fighter jets in front of the way, the Northern Alliance riding horses galloping in the rear, after the Taliban fled.It is only in Afghanistan that fighter jets are able to cooperate with the cavalry’s three-dimensional offensive.Within a month, the Taliban regime had collapsed, leaving the remnants of the taliban hiding in the valleys along the Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.In August 2021, the Americans left Afghanistan “extremely discomfited” and the Taliban returned to power.Over the past 20 years, more than 2,400 U.S. troops have died, hundreds of other NATO forces have died, tens of thousands of Afghan government and police have died, tens of thousands of Taliban have died, and Afghan civilian casualties have exceeded 300,000.In total, the US spent $2.26 trillion over 20 years, more than $2 trillion of which went to the military-industrial complex and various military contractors.When the former Afghan government collapsed and left in August 2021, no one was left to pick up the pieces. After the Taliban took over, an inventory revealed that the former government still had nearly $10 billion in foreign assets, including $7 billion in the United States.These assets include 22 tons of gold, lots of cash, bonds and so on.Then no matter how the war ends, it’s whose money it should be.But as soon as the situation in Afghanistan changed, the Fed froze the Afghan government’s funds.The Taliban wanted it back, but the Americans wouldn’t give it back. It’s been frozen until now.If decades of war in Afghanistan were to subside, hundreds of thousands of people would be displaced, millions would be deprived of food, and the 7 billion would be used to buy food, which would immediately solve the existing serious hunger problem.However, the Americans thought for half a year, finally made a decision on the disposal of this huge sum of money.$7 billion split evenly, $3.5 billion for compensation for the victims of 9/11, and $3.5 billion for humanitarian aid to civilians in Afghanistan.Of course, the aid money will probably end up in the hands of Afghan rebels abroad.You said that these 30 million Afghans created what evil, decades of bad luck, the last grain money will be taken by the great invaders.Once again was disgusted by the Americans, no skin no face for hundreds of years, this time no skin no face is beyond the imagination of normal people.It is only natural that people should pay their debts and their money should be their money. Isn’t the core of capitalism the protection of private property?Yeah, money, I want it. Face, I want it. Nice words.The White House says the money is being divided primarily “for the benefit of the Afghan people.”So the armed Taliban had nothing to say but that the Americans were “morally bankrupt”.According to the United Nations World Food Program, 22.8 million of Afghanistan’s 39 million people face food insecurity, 8 million face famine and 3.2 million children under the age of five are severely malnourished.But these are not the American people to consider, they fight for half a year, finally decided to put these “other people’s money” thaw chuai spend in my pocket, think they make so much money in one fell swoop, biden is exciting, I much more people than the wonky, afghans have a meal, and I have what relation?A bandit is a bandit, and a political group that prides itself on stealing, robbing and cheating cannot be changed.Why should Afghan civilians be held responsible for paying for attacks by Bin Laden and The Saudis?Especially the $3.5 billion of so-called humanitarian arrangement, this is really let a person chock with laughter, the White House mean, 3.5 billion humanitarian aid is for the sake of “benefit” and support Afghan civilians, of course, must be a person in the United States, under the arrangement of the money, that doesn’t give the pro-american Afghan opposition, don’t back to the taliban to spend?Afghanistan, you will never get $7 billion.The point is, the Logic of americans taking other people’s money to aid other people, saying it’s for the benefit of The Afghan people, is incredibly powerful.In 2021, the Americans stole tons of wheat in Syria and stole more than 3 million barrels of oil a month in Syria, earning more than $100 million a month.In February 2021, the United States seized the Iranian oil tanker “Achilleas” in the waters of the United Arab Emirates, and sold more than 2 million barrels of crude oil on board to Houston, the United States, earning more than 110 million DOLLARS.True to the pirate race of hundreds of years ago, when they want to rob, they don’t even bother to give a reason.If we were still the poor and weak China a hundred years ago, China today would have no idea how miserable it was being bullied by these robber countries.We are glad that in the most difficult times, millions of forefathers fought and bled and sacrificed their lives, and finally gained a strong new China.Learn from history, learn from the present, and at the same time remain vigilant, remain vigilant.