The Area of Xi ‘an Railway Station was safe and orderly during the Spring Festival holiday

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The 2022 Spring Festival holiday ended successfully, and the overall operation of Xi ‘an Railway Station was in good order during the Holiday.During the Spring Festival for epidemic prevention and control, order control, passenger services, duty BeiQin, safety in production work, in accordance with requirements of the new city district party committee, the district government, first in xi ‘an railway station district management committee led by making the xi ‘an railway station area travel control scheme of the emergency response plans to travel peak epidemic prevention and control work “,And issued public security, transportation, urban management, market supervision, rail and other departments, constantly strengthen control, refine service measures, to create a safe, orderly and warm travel environment for public passengers.During the holidays, the city discipline inspection departments to strengthen the supervision inspection station area, new district, the district government leaders successively epidemic prevention and control in the railway station area, holiday security check each work, such as xi ‘an railway station area management committee, public security, transportation, urban management departments close cooperation, to implement various control measures, to ensure that the railway station area safe and orderly.Relax in order to ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation during the festival the epidemic prevention and control work carried out smoothly, epidemic prevention and control of xi ‘an railway station region headquarters in combination with the practical adjust staffing of xi ‘an station passenger flow, constantly consolidate the same working mechanism of “three triple a proof test”, and adhere to the 24 hours of work, strict implementation of the outbound travelers temperature monitoring, information verification, nucleic acid detection, transport, etc.At the same time, all departments and teams were arranged to strengthen patrol according to the division of responsible road sections, daily on-site supervision and inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures such as scanning code for local businesses, temperature measurement, daily elimination, and one-meter noodles, to ensure the strict guarding of the city gateway.From January 31 to February 6, 147,310 passengers arrived at the station, 3,096 passengers from medium-high risk areas and foreign elements were screened out, and a total of 4,034 passengers were tested for nucleic acid. All of them were classified and disposed of without missing one person.During the Spring Festival, the District Management Committee of Xi ‘an Railway Station provided round-the-clock sanitation services.On this basis, emphasis should be placed on strengthening the cleaning efforts and environmental elimination frequency of key areas in the railway station area, so as to provide a clean and tidy travel environment for public passengers.The Regional Management Committee of Xi ‘an Railway Station continues to receive consultation and help around the clock, and responds to the feedback of passengers and citizens as soon as possible, unblocking information channels, responding to needs in a timely manner, and providing humanistic care.At the same time, we will increase the frequency of daily inspections and do our best to ensure rescue services for stranded passengers during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the Regional management Committee of Xi ‘an Railway Station cooperated with the Emergency Bureau of Xincheng District to carry out safety supervision and inspection during the Spring Festival, and checked the safety of fire and electricity, the ban on the burning and sale of fireworks and firecrackers in the area, as well as the potential safety hazards, all of which were normal.During the festival, the railway station area has an average of more than 500 personnel per day from the distribution control management committee, public security, transportation, urban management, epidemic prevention and control, and cleaning. They adhere to the night shift system and strengthen regional control 24 hours a day.Do a good job in dealing with rain, snow and cooling weather, check and eliminate hidden dangers.During the Spring Festival, regional epidemic prevention and control, sanitation, business order, public security, tourism, and traffic were in good order, with no major safety accidents or criminal cases.