549 yuan!Redmi’s first esports router has been released: Powered by Qualcomm 3 core chips

2022-05-23 0 By

The Redmi esports Router AX5400, xiaomi’s flagship router for 2022, officially debuted on the evening of February 16.As Redmi’s first e-sports router, the new product has similar performance to the popular AX6000, game-specific design, and high cost performance, bringing the ultimate experience for game enthusiasts.In terms of hardware configuration, Redmi esports router AX5400 is equipped with Qualcomm 3-core chip, among which NPU core can greatly improve packet forwarding efficiency and reduce CPU consumption.The new product is equipped with 512MB large memory, and the theoretical capacity of stable connection 248 devices.In terms of interface, this esports router has 2.5g WAN port and dedicated network port for games. 2.5g port supports WAN/LAN switching and can connect to NAS to meet Intranet high-speed transmission; 1G port supports LAN/WAN switching and supports double WAN aggregation and double LAN aggregation. Users can customize the use of network ports.In addition, the new product has a speed of up to 5400Mbps, a bandwidth of 160MHz, 4×4 support 160MHz, 5G speed of 4804Mbps.In addition, the new product supports the formation of Mesh with Xiaomi WI-FI6 router, which can be networked with up to 10 devices. The mode is also more diversified, supporting 5GHz WiFi or network cable networking, forming star/chain/wired wireless hybrid network.In terms of models, the product supports hybrid networking with Xiaomi or Redmi WiFi6 routers.In addition, the product is also more intelligent, in the case of network changes, it can automatically re – network, the device automatically switch to a better network.It is worth mentioning that this esports router supports Mi Carefree connection. Through MI Home App and mi login account, it can automatically find mi smart devices that are not equipped with a network around you and easily access the network with one key.The wi-fi password can be changed synchronously. The router changes the Wi-Fi password and automatically synchronizes the password to the smart device.In terms of price, this router is a rare 500 yuan e-sports router in the market, priced at 599 yuan, the initial price of 549 yuan.