Hwang dae-heon is guilty!Wu Dajing was almost disfigured, the reaction of the first time won the support of Wang Meng

2022-05-23 0 By

Wu dajing set a new world record of 39.584 seconds in the 500-meter short-track speed skating final 1,452 days ago, helping China win its first gold medal of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.In the same year, he set a new world record of 39.505 seconds in Salt Lake City.Short track speed skating 500 meters in the absolute king, this winter Olympics at home, although Wu Dajing’s overall condition is not good, but still much anticipated.But in this 500 meters duel, a small episode, let Wu Dajing’s results are very embarrassing, finally only won the sixth place.What’s going on?Now, let’s talk about it in detail.It all started in the semifinals when Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea fouled Canada’s Dubois as he passed him, sending him straight off the track.But in his foul lost balance, even directly to the back of the skate, directly interfere with Wu Dajing’s sliding, from the picture at that time, you can clearly see that the skate distance from Wu Dajing’s face is very close, if you do not forcibly control the direction and sliding speed, it is likely to be disfigurement, really is too dangerous.In this context, Wu Dajing choice is to avoid danger, and after the forced to slow down, he was kazakhstan has also led to Gary, beyond the deadline, although also struggled to keep back, but only the difference between the 0.016 seconds in group 3, according to the rules, the referee in the back to see the judge, because there is no direct contact, only sentenced to Canada directly to qualify,Wu Dajing missed the A group final, also can’t go to the medal.Although Wang Meng was in the commentary room, he always suggested the Chinese coaching team to appeal, but due to time constraints, it was difficult to operate, and the final result made people angry and helpless.And this dangerous picture, after the game quickly triggered a fierce discussion, most of the netizens, the first time are to support Wu Dajing, commentary Wang Meng also said: if she, she will hide, after all, the front is ice knife.Short track speed skating friends, are very familiar with hwang Daheon this athlete, he should be regarded as a “repeat offender”.In the 2019 World Championship, because of hwang Daheon’s foul, wu Dajing was forced to rematch, and the champion was snatched away by Hwang daheon.As a result, many netizens were angry after watching the match, but when they started to question Hwang, he shut down all comments on social media.As for Hwang dae-heon’s behavior, his first thought was to close the comment section after the rude foul, which can only be interpreted as guilty. In the face of a clear picture of facts, hwang knows that there is no excuse.The rules were written in black and white and clear video replays left the South Korean team arguing for an appeal after he was knocked out of the men’s 1,000m semifinal because of a foul. Hwang could only say he was unfamiliar with the rules.I have to say that some of the actions of South Korea’s short track speed skating are seriously out of step with the current rules, and the repeated controversies are related to them, which is enough to show the problem. Now that the level of short track speed skating in the world is improving, they still want to win in the past way, it is completely impossible.What do you think about that?Feel free to join us in the comments section below.For more exciting content, check out DK Sports