The top configuration is 99,800, with 1.5T+CVT power and 7.7L fuel consumption. How is the cost performance of Wuling Stars?

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With the launch of wuling’s first SILVER standard MPV-Capgemini, it once became a popular model on the Internet by virtue of its more texture-like appearance and highly distinctive four-seat spatial layout, which also marked wuling’s first step to high-end.This is not, in order to better improve the product line, Wuling again launched the silver standard version of the first compact SUV- Stars.As the silver standard Wuling first SUV, this star is still the main cost-effective players.The whole series is divided into five versions, and the official guide price remains between 698-99,800 yuan.Because the top price is not more than 100,000, the top 2021 1.5T CVT star obsidian version has become the version with the highest attention.Here is to take you to analyze the Wuling Stars 2021 1.5TCVT star obsidering edition, see in the 100,000 class SUV market, the overall performance, how cost-effective?Is it worth our common people to buy it?First of all, the whole front face has a very strong fashion avant-garde atmosphere.Sharp body lines, large size air intake grille, at the same time, the internal use of line segment sorting, and wuling silver standard form a good echo effect.Coupled with the Morandi color scheme, it is difficult to associate with previous Wuling models, which is why it is the least Wuling SUV like Wuling.Because the 2021 1.5TCVT star version belongs to the top of the Wuling star model, so the lighting configuration, also do everything.It has LED headlights, LED daytime running lights and automatic headlights. Meanwhile, the rearview mirror also supports electric adjustment and electric folding and heating functions, which further deepens the positioning of its own top matching and makes it more convenient for daily use.Looking at the side of the body, I feel that the biggest bright spot of Wuling Stars is the use of double-jointed body, blackened suspension roof, 18-inch double five spokes motion aluminum alloy wheel rims, creating a strong fashion and sports atmosphere.Although the length of the car is only 4594mm, but the visual experience is not small.In addition, both sides of the front door support keyless entry, in the same price, there is no doubt that there is a very high competitiveness.Tail design, wuling stars is also the portrayal of fashion movement.The body layout with distinct layering sense adopts the combination of long smoked black taillights, which is connected with the black decorative board in the middle. The inlaying of wuling Pinyin logo can also be seen as a kind of high-level sense.But like most cars in its class, it uses a hidden exhaust layout, which is not a slot and fits the positioning of a family SUV.When entering the car of Wuling Stars, especially when we touch the material, we can be very fond of the material of Wuling Kindness Road. The large area of soft material is wrapped and the silver-white brushed panel is used as an ornament. Both the touch and visual experience are quite in place.But speaking of the interior part of the impact of experience, the main thing is that the new car smell is bigger, coupled with good materials, but the actual work needs to be improved.The 10.25-inch LCD screen is applied to the Ling OS system. In addition to conventional functions, it also supports personalized functions such as one-button screen casting, remote car control and group travel, which is practical and playable.In terms of configuration, Wuling itself is mainly cost-effective. In addition, the model analyzed this time is the top configuration version. Basically, wuling Stars can meet us in any configuration we can think of.Aside from the usual safety and practical configuration, the price is rare variable suspension, 256-color interior atmosphere lights and Bluetooth keys are used.It’s hard to associate with an SUV that tops out at 99,800 yuan without looking at the price.Look at the seat configuration, the main driver’s seat is 6-way electric adjustment, the passenger seat is 4-way manual adjustment, considering the convenience of daily use, the passenger seat manual adjustment is a great joke.The whole car seat for imitation leather material, fortunately moderate soft and hard, ride comfort performance is good.The wheelbase of Wuling Stars is 2750mm. For most of the friends who are about 175cm tall, there are basically two fists in the leg space to sit in the back row, which is more than enough for a family of five to travel.The rear seat can be relatively flat and inverted, and it will not be difficult to transport some larger items.In terms of power, wuling Star is equipped with a 1.5T engine, with a maximum power of 108kW and a maximum torque of 250N·m. It is matched with an analog 8-speed CVT transmission.As for this hardware assembly, it is widely used in Wuling. Although there is no bright spot in technology and performance, it is good that the quality has passed the test, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of NEDC is 7.7L/100km.Speaking of dynamic experience, due to the characteristics of small displacement turbine engine and CVT gearbox, the front section starts too hard, and the output of the back section is weak. Under full load, the power output is greatly reduced.The suspension part, like other models at the same price, adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.See this suspension layout, it is estimated that everyone thinks that the star shock absorption filter is not good, but with a variable suspension plus wuling stars, this point in the same price, its performance is commendable.Generally speaking, the listing of Wuling Stars gives us a new cost-effective choice in the market of 100,000 class compact family SUV.There is no denying that power and driving texture is the hard injury of Wuling Stars, but rich configuration, a spacious ride space and the test of the hardware assembly, combined with its own price, household, Wuling stars is still a good choice.