With the help of science and technology, the downloads of CCTV video exceeded 400 million

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The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have seen a bigger share of viewers than any previous Winter Olympics, and the length of live broadcasts on digital media has reached a record high, an official of the Games said yesterday.With the effective accumulation of top competitions such as the European Cup and Tokyo Olympic Games, CCTV video has become the preferred new media platform for hundreds of millions of users to watch matches.Relying on the strategic layout of “5G+4K/8K+AI”, China Video has made great efforts to promote the content of the Winter Olympics. The average daily active users have more than doubled from the previous week, and the number of downloads has exceeded 400 million, ranking first in the free APP list of the APP Store for a long time.5G is an important development opportunity for global science and technology in the future.According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a total of 1.425 million 5G base stations had been built and put into service by the end of 2021.Currently, 5G base stations account for more than 60 percent of the world’s total.Seizing the opening opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympics, CCTV successfully pushed the first “5G news” on February 4, opening up a brand new content communication channel.During the Beijing Olympics, epicenter video “5 g news” can be geared to the needs of selected groups regularly send, for users with the most timely and most fresh and nice games are video, and set the “schedule query”, “table”, “member activity”, “the games are guide” and “community” and other rich content and central video phone quick website entry, facilitate the diversion epicenter video client,Mobile phone users can touch the source station with one click.5 g news features at present, the central news video has 5 g business system has been launched and with China mobile platform through 5 g news, the future will also work with many partners in the industry combining, explore the AI virtual image conversational services, new social interaction, news and so intelligent touch the product technology development direction, continue to desk audio-visual technology can assign a new media products.The “AI intelligent editing” technology has been introduced by CCTV to efficiently produce and publish short video content for the Winter Olympics.CCTV frequency AI intelligent content production and editing system can automatically condense the massive game content into a few minutes of highlights in a short time, and direct release.It provides the audience with high-quality short video content of sports events quickly and efficiently, and creates more possibilities for the in-depth development of the content value of sports media copyright.Gu, for example, won the women’s freestyle platform final.The AI editing system provides real-time video highlights of Gu Ailing’s wonderful actions, and automatically cuts and stores the complete actions of three jumps, slow motion, score announcement and other key moments, providing users with wonderful videos to watch back in the first time.Among them, the AI intelligent editing video of Gu Ailing winning the gold medal was recommended as the focus of CCTV’s home page immediately after it was finished, with more than 5 million views within two hours. The AI editing ability enabled CCTV to take the lead in the speed and quality competition of the Winter Olympics coverage.Anchor language “leaf” AI sign language as the voice of love, help desk to achieve barrier-free information dissemination on the evening of February 5, the Chinese short track speed skating team won the first gold medal of the Olympics, the Chinese athletes delegation to the epicenter video AI sign language interpreter language “leaf” formal “duty”, in 2 minutes and 37 seconds to use 232 sign, 348 time China first gold to complete correctly,Let the special people in the silent world also “hear” the grand event of China’s ice and snow sports!The appearance of “Leaf” is highly restored to human hair and skin, and the movements are more natural and vivid.After epicenter video integrated multimodal interaction technology, 3 d digital modeling, machine translation and speech recognition and natural language understanding technology, such as sign language expression ability of language “leaf” close to reality, and can supply new hot words and the games are related to learn sports knowledge, for the Beijing games are ice and snow events provide high quality AI sign language translation service, further enhance the viewing experience of people with hearing loss,Help the headquarters to achieve a more technological elements of barrier-free information dissemination environment.In order to welcome the Winter Olympics and drive users to participate in the Games in an immersive way, CCTV launched the “Digital Snowflake” interactive project, creating unique “digital snowflake” images for hundreds of millions of participants and becoming digital identities representing users to participate in the Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports.All participating users will also receive a special certificate of “My Winter Olympics Digital Snowflake” and gain a sense of identity and honor of “Every snowflake is glory”.”Digital Snowflake” even more subtly launched the “Float into my Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony” campaign, based on cloud rendering service, users can get exclusive “participation” in the Winter Olympics special video.In the creative virtual space, users can float into the opening ceremony by the unique “digital snowflake”, overlooking the whole venue of the Winter Olympics;At the same time, in the generated admission experience video, AI algorithm is used to match each video with 8-second background music with different styles of snow, so that each user’s exclusive memory of the Winter Olympics is endowed with moving melody by jumping notes.More than 15 million “digital snowflakes” floated into the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and users contributed to the feast of ice and snow in a unique way.In addition to the above technology, CCTV also launched “8K VR immersive watching games”, allowing users to freely choose the viewing Angle and get an immersive watching experience.In addition to the simultaneous big-screen broadcast of the Winter Olympics, CCTV also launched exclusive live broadcast of the Games every day, adding the content of live broadcast around the Winter Olympics, slow live broadcast and live broadcast from other perspectives. In addition, through the function of watching the games on the same screen, a maximum of 4 live broadcasts can be watched in a single live broadcast room at the same time, so that users will not miss any games.As a content product with high frequency and great communication value, sports will be further combined with science and technology in the future.Looking to the future, CCTV will focus on sports content, deeply combine 5G, ULTRA HIGH definition, artificial intelligence and other world-leading technologies and products, establish a diversified and organic content production and operation system, and create a brand new sports audio-visual and social interaction experience for sports fans.In the context of the rapid development of digital media, CCTV video will fully embrace and apply scientific and technological solutions to expand the new era of sports media communication step by step.