“You know my joy”, the trick of being the mom and dad your child loves

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Approaching the Spring Festival, the child has a holiday, originally agreed to go back home for the Spring Festival, he can go back first.But there are some classes going on off campus, so it will be a few days.Miss a class for a Good Mood The day before the end of the last class, my relatives come to do business, and I can go back the next morning, but my child’s class is in the evening, if I leave, I will miss a class.Although talked with the child, also discussed, can only wait for the course after the second day before leaving.However, that night, I saw the child sighing and groaning, feeling extremely depressed. Although he did not say it out, he clearly expressed his unwillingness to attend class.At this time to let the child go to that class, I’m afraid is absent-minded, the heart would have flown back home, so he agreed to lack that class.Looking at children scowling exhibition, cheerful appearance, less a class is also worth it, this is the child the most happy thing.It is not advisable to indulge in everything, but it is very important to be careful.All things pay attention to principles and discipline, I’m afraid easy to let the child sad, sad.While the one-size-fits-all approach to parenting is well-founded, some flexibility is needed when it comes to raising children.It requires parents to fully understand the child, know what the child wants, what the child needs, and communicate with the child interaction, participate in the child’s growth.In this case, one less lesson will have some effect on the academic work, but the inner feelings of the child will be much greater.It is not a big deal for adults, but it is a big deal for children.Long looking forward to returning home to see the lovely little black dog, the naughty cat, perhaps this is the fun of childhood.We can’t be perfect parents, but we have to strive to be the parents our children love.Children like their parents because we like and care about what they like.It is sweet and happy time when parents and children roll and play together, run and jump together, watch cartoons together, or sit on the sofa together, eating snacks and talking about my, yours and his funny things.Let the child like, regard yourself as the child’s peers, do his growing partner, accompany attentively, the child is a gift from god to us, and we are also the best gift for the child, but also his favorite gift.