Burn!Fuyang manufacturing “go to war” Beijing Winter Olympics!

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Tomorrow (February 4) Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be grand opening fuyang manufacturing will also “go out” is not surprised and proud?Come together to learn about the left left left fuyang manufacturing with the aid of high-level talent team of scientific research achievements Jieshou auspicious sambo high-tech textile co., LTD from 2020 high imitation velvet structure heat preservation effect Down from the production line of high imitation velvet structure thermal flocculus like a sponge Just more than a sponge awning, more lightsome The warm flocculus r&d production project”Compared with goose down, this material solves the problems of goose down, such as fat, smell, easy to run, and thermal effect is better, the price is much lower than goose down.”Company vice President Ma Xiaofei introduced the company’s research and development and production of imitation goose down structure high thermal wadded to the standard of 3M products in the United States broke 3M’s technology monopoly to fill the gap in the domestic “Beijing Winter Olympics clothing special, we are not the only R & D unit,The project team includes Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Anta (China), Donghua University, Pathfinder Holding Group and other universities and enterprises.”Xiao-fei ma introduced Their high imitation velvet structure thermal flocculus to provide project related units For winter clothes Reporters also learned that located in taihe anhui jin hai pharmaceutical technology co., LTD For the Beijing Olympics provides a number of custom masks masks the first layer of the fabric with non-woven PET materials surface water repellencyThe second layer melt-blown cloth has better comfort with high efficiency and low respiration resistance. The third layer is skin-friendly.Very soft the use of high efficiency and low resistance melt-blown cloth compared with traditional masks in filtration efficiency can reach more than 99% for fuyang enterprises point ZAN look forward to more international stage to see fuyang made figure Yingzhou Evening News reporter Chu Jiming editor Wang Qian to New Year’s Eve, Fuyang this scene was taken!Period of incense!How sweet!Just, fuyang multi – district shot!Back to Fuyang Ecological Park, Yingzhou West Lake, Bali River……Just came!Gu to film!Today, fuyang many hospitals ushered in……Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com