In Zhejiang, subsidies and poaching are serious

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From is Lu Jun this day, by zhejiang university students entrepreneurial subsidies to refresh the news but fry out many friends when reading in zhejiang, are his fate, or ridicule there is still time to back to zhejiang entrepreneurs said yao had to zhejiang talent introduction policy is really cattle, is true there is energy college students in zhejiang, allowing trial and error, can fail,At this rate, there is no reason why young people should not go to Zhejiang.Out I gave you to zhejiang, entrepreneurship, we have seen many cities talent subsidies, such as house for you, give you, give you the money, it is not unusual to see the zhejiang the subsidies rules, can be said to be the very bully gas first, college graduates to work in zhejiang, you can enjoy life ranging from 20000 ~ 400000 subsidies or housing rent subsidy Second,In zhejiang university students would like to venture to the loan of 100000 ~ 500000, if the business fail, the loan is compensated by the government, under 100000 loans over 100000 parts, compensation equal to 80% by the government to give each have entrepreneurial dream, and in line with the audit qualification of college students, at least 100000 startup funds, venture funds of up to 500000,The government provides a maximum compensation of 420,000 yuan. Finally, the government provides 100,000 yuan as a start-up subsidy for the three directions, namely, home economics, old-age care and modern agricultural entrepreneurship. When college students work in these fields, the government gives 10,000 yuan as an employment subsidy per person per year, and the subsidy lasts for three consecutive years.Also focus on the migrant workers and foreign workers in zhejiang province, zhejiang province has 23 million people out of poverty, so the development is not speaking skills, educational background, age love post, specially placed out of poverty population, ensure their monthly salary of 4500 yuan of above government also don’t consider these people as burden and encumbrance, but try our best to help them solve the employment and poverty alleviation,Last year, there were 2.25 million people out of poverty in Zhejiang. Plus the last one, the social animals were moved to tears. Zhejiang also requires enterprises to give full play to the advantages of data technology, reasonably control online working hours, and arrange breaks for those who work continuously for more than 4 hours, even those without education and skills, who are older,In zhejiang, zhejiang will not be treated with difference which is the mood in view of, not only the forward, is also very warm. Have to admire the zhejiang administration of goods (fine) (Ming) here to knock on the blackboard is not the first to a college student entrepreneurship can get loans, the government will give you out it’s my understanding and risk investment,There must be a threshold and other requirements, and through the program audit including your business plan needs to prove the feasibility of this business revenue model, dial down the loan affirmation also there is a limit to how to use, sign corresponding pledge what would, of course, also, in general will not have a college students registered company will send you money college students entrepreneurship failure of money is not the government out-of-pocket money also for you,Clearing up the mess, but by the start-up guarantee fund on behalf of the temporary repayment repayment is not not to repay, but the government to help you repay the loan but not free, just temporary advance or purchase the way, to obtain the bank debt, or after the lender will collect the loan in a word:This policy is not a new product of Zhejiang to attract talents. As early as 2015, zhejiang Entrepreneurship and Innovation Era has proposed to encourage entrepreneurship and tolerate failure. In fact, from 2015 to now, Zhejiang guarantee fund has supported a large number of entrepreneurs.But actually does not compensate how many money not to the how many money, also attracted a big Bob young people to zhejiang business, institutional risk, and to give young people the reassurance, spend money to do things so, zhejiang administration is becoming more and more like angels came out before a number, the number of flexible employment has up to 200 million people in China,Including part is self-employed, more and more entrepreneurial We have seen heard about the story of a lot of city government investment, investment chip, some investment vehicles, some investment energy, and zhejiang young people choose investment if failed 1000 projects in 999, but as long as there is a successful, zhejiang is earned,Because at the same time also to keep the people under the small business loan of one thousand in this 10.5 million hatched a unicorn, or is the world’s top, the future is the flow of talent attraction and fiscal and tax zhejiang willing to take out money at this time, as business startup is not only give money to the young, also give them the chance of trial and error, and allow them to fail,In many cases, the soft power of a city lies in its ability to give people confidence. Zhejiang has always done well in this respect.It can be as fine as Zhejiang, from student subsidies, living subsidies, rental subsidies, left-behind Chinese New Year, return to work, and now start-up subsidies. Let me sort out the all-round subsidies that college students will get when they come to Zhejiang. First of all, zhejiang’s talent subsidy is a game plan based on the province.There is hardly a city that does not subsidize Jinhua, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Taizhou……Before we write the yiwu people purchase policy, students to buy a house there are 200000, 400000 graduate students sometimes to get young people in university, hangzhou, a city districts in volume such as the return to work to help companies this year between subsidies uptown has a warm heart of article 10, including skills training, living subsidies, subsidies parking and entrepreneurship, and so on and so on hangzhou lake the immediately to a nine steps,Talent subsidies, unconditional start-up site, return to work fare subsidies, the highest subsidy of each enterprise is not more than 200,000 yuan and yuhang district twelve, fuyang people “new Fuyang people” policy, binjiang district off to a good start eighteen…Even live on electricity subsidy in this industry, hangzhou district are introduced a different way of reward, attract more head web celebrity for an example of a side, a work in hangzhou classmate told me she went to hangzhou for one year, first took 1 w talent subsidies, and $860 a month rent subsidy, now can also take the employment subsidies 2000 yuan calculated,The 7788 can take 6-70000, not only that the next year and life subsidies, rent subsidies, etc. By the way, her back to hangzhou to return to work this year, hangzhou government provides subsidy to return to work for the enterprise, and so her personal reimbursement the half fare that is not the most exaggerated, in yiwu, return home to return to work the bus is free to train,This is the attitude and service spirit of Zhejiang in order to grab people and retain people, and the material subsidies are also very in place in all directions. Is there anything more sincere than this?Some cities do not leave the talent is not without reason, zhejiang has always been a dare to innovation, got to run the city we see news in zhejiang province is the first reaction is this next unprofitable for talent, also thought of zhejiang is only a common prosperity demonstration area in our country, the good or to do business, or government money to give my feeling is that leadership in zhejiang province and city managers,Has first to realize that the future population, especially the importance of talent flow into the national college graduates this year than 10 million, for all the city is a very good opportunity but know and do, often there is a huge gap when rob people in many cities have remained in zhejiang shout slogan stage achieved real unity,As I was writing, I saw this news again:In addition to the hangzhou downtown, open up college degree graduates in limit, now is already a province of zhejiang, all-round talent in the step by step I summarize the zhejiang government grab people how to spell, is the following a few words to zhejiang, here I can send money in loan business, failed I’ll also buy a house for you,Let me get you back to work after the New Year. I’ll bring the car to your door, and you just get in the car.I can’t think of any other reason why young people should not go to Zhejiang after graduation and I can imagine how terrible the competitiveness of this city will be