Intermediary is profiteer, it is a platform, it is cooperation, do not need to do what real thing

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A lot of people don’t know intermediary is very profiteering, people who do business can’t do intermediary.If you look at this data, you will know that the most outstanding are intermediaries, all the most outstanding are intermediaries.Country Garden ranked first in real estate, with a total sales volume of 570.6 billion yuan in 2020. First, an intermediary named Shell will have a turnover of 1.9 trillion yuan in 2020.The biggest real estate can’t beat the biggest real estate agent.For example, in the catering industry, the transaction volume of Din Tai Fung in China in 2020 is 15 billion yuan, which is very impressive, but meituan can achieve 488.9 billion yuan. Let’s look at the financial industry, industrial and Commercial Bank of China will achieve 8001 billion yuan in 2020, and Yu ‘e Bao will achieve 1.2 trillion yuan in 2020.So today the boss has to figure out how to enter and how to operate the intermediary.Today, many partners are intermediaries, so we must make use of the resources and relationships behind people. As long as you know how to cooperate, the business will grow greatly. If you don’t know how to cooperate, you can’t rely on your own strength.The first is speculation, and the second is buying and selling products.The third level is called mediation.