Is it difficult for elderly people living alone to buy vegetables during lockdown?Community workers have a “roster”

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This article from: news news reporter Zhang Liyun reported April 1: before the April 1 puxi new nucleic acid before the screening, zhijiang road west street of the volunteers have put the food into the hands of residents, also take care of residents with medication needs good with at least 5 days in advance, and notify the children to live alone pure old pharmacy, food, and delivered by volunteers.Is it difficult for old people to buy food alone?Community workers have a “roster” “Finally got the dishes today!I am very grateful to have such a channel to buy vegetables.”Yesterday morning more than 10 o ‘clock, in Zhi River west street new Zhaojia residential area distribution group buy dishes on the point, get food residents sigh.More than 80 residents participated in the first group purchase of vegetables in Xinzhao Jiazhai residential area, and successfully got bags of heavy group purchase vegetables within 48 hours.The vegetable group purchase has 2 sets of rich ingredients, including tomatoes, Onions, carrots, peppers, chicken legs, duck legs…Meat and vegetable, balanced nutrition, more than 10 jin dishes, less than 100 yuan, according to the amount and type of pricing.Residents get vegetables very pleasantly surprised, some residents private letter residential area party general branch secretary thanks and said very cost-effective.The idea of group buying was first proposed by a serving Party member to Peng Xinhai, the party’s general branch secretary in a residential area.She is very enthusiastic, see the neighborhood committee for residents to buy food in the heart, and the neighborhood committee together to actively think of a way.New Zhao Jiazhai residential area is a population of more than 3000 people in the old district, among them the elderly population proportion exceeds 40%, due to the area a most old people do not use mobile phones, the closed loop management, puxi and facing the whole domain near nanshan market also temporarily, residential area and about one thousand people are still in the traffic control management, the party member volunteers offer spontaneously form a community group,Solve these residents to buy vegetables difficult problem.The general Branch of the Party in residential areas readily accepted and actively publicized, sharing the wechat group code of the initial 10 people in the group leader group of each building and the team group, and widely publicized it.What worries community workers more than ordinary residents are the elderly living alone.Some of them are 80 or 90 years old, it is very difficult to go downstairs, let alone to buy food in a long line outside, and most of them do not know how to use mobile phones, there is no way to buy food in the group, and even some of the old people’s children in the community is also implementing lockdown management, children can not go out, can not send food to the old people.So, the community workers in front of the roster one by one to contact the children of the elderly, the children of the elderly will be pulled into the wechat group to buy food, help the elderly to complete the order, and then by the neighborhood committee staff “relay” to send food to the door.After group buying dishes to the community, residents celebrate each other!In order to be able to send this batch of vegetables to residents as soon as possible, the General Branch of the Party entrusted 5 volunteers to be responsible for the distribution of the sealing control building group, neighborhood committee staff will open a battery car to the elderly living alone door to door to send vegetables.The Party general Branch of dishes channel, the content of the package screening, check the price of the package……Ensure that vegetables from the base are delivered to the community within 48 hours, so that residents can buy fresh cabbage at their doorstep.Under the guidance of the Party general branch of the community group purchase, so that residents can eat at home affordable dishes, this is undoubtedly in the current “difficult to buy food” in a clear stream.It is worth mentioning that in the past, more and more young Party members went to the community to register and join the ranks of volunteers for epidemic prevention. Therefore, a number of volunteers born in the 1980s, 1990s and 1995 have also accumulated in the “buying vegetables Group”.The general Branch of the Party in the residential area took advantage of the situation and changed the name of the “buying vegetables group” spontaneously formed in the community to the “Living in the Sun” volunteer group, which means full of hope!In just one week, the number of volunteers has grown from more than 10 to 137, among whom 80 percent are young party members.Now, this volunteer team is still expanding, and its functions are not only limited to buying vegetables in groups, but also include dispensing medicine, maintaining the order of nucleic acid screening site, scanning PDA and other volunteer services…Young volunteers signed up one after another, and the “Red Rose” volunteer team set out again!”Thank you for coming to see me and bringing me so many dishes.”Aunt Fan, 94, who lives in Fuyuanfang community, said gratefully, clasping her hands together.Knowing that Aunt Fan had just returned from hospital and lived alone, Red Rose volunteer Chen Xiue was worried.On the morning of The 31st, Chen Xiue queued up to buy a week’s vegetables for the elderly, including lettuce, broad beans, carrots and sweet potatoes, and sent them to the elderly.The old woman had just returned from illness and was weak. On April 1, puxi began a four-day lockdown. The volunteers of “Red Rose” tried their best to prepare enough vegetables and medicine for the old woman’s home.The “Red Rose” volunteer team is a female volunteer team in the numerous volunteer teams in the residential area of Fuyuanfang. Among them, some are the executive committee of the Women’s Federation, some are the floor leaders, and some are the “old partners” of the residents…These days, the volunteers of “Red Rose” do a lot of warm thoughts for the residents.The doctor gave fei aunt new drugs, “red rose” frequency and dose of volunteers to worry about the old man forget to take medicine, good instruction, write the medicine eat to hand over to treat to the elderly and in medicine as a reminder, also left a note on the table, with the neighborhood contact phone number to tell the old man during a closed-loop management, residents’ committees 24 hours were,Call the neighborhood committee if you need help.Fuyuanfang residential area is an old residential area with more than 2500 permanent residents. There are more than 200 elderly people who need to be cared for, among which 69 are over 65 years old and live alone.In order to provide the elderly with vegetables and common medicines at home during the new round of closed management, the “red Rose” volunteers of Fuyuan Square set out again!When Wang aiping climbed the stairs to distribute novel Coronavirus antigen testing kits to residents, she gave some vegetables prepared by her own to the elderly in the building.The old man is usually thrifty and does not prepare much food. When he wants to buy food, he finds that he has to wait in a long line for a few days.To see volunteers sent love dishes, the old man’s heart joy blossomed.”Do you have enough food for five days?Does common medicine have a few to prepare?”On the eve of the lockdown, Chen Cuiying and the volunteers assisted each other in division of labor. One person was responsible for 5 old people who often contacted each other. They called the elderly one by one and asked for help from the elderly.The 72 – year – old cui-ying Chen is a street in old association, vice President, is also the 1st floor LouZuChang, actually she was an old man, but still active in volunteer service on the line, to send food pairing old man, gift bags, soothe the mood, do nucleic acid building people downstairs, door-to-door distribution of vegetables and will be coronavirus antigen detection kits, busy busy.During the current outbreak, the grassroots is facing a huge task of nucleic acid screening or self-testing. The time is tight, the task is heavy and there is no room for any carelessness. It is obvious that only a few staff members are understaffed.To this end, the Party general branch, the neighborhood committee launched a volunteer recruitment in the building, touching is that batches of young volunteers have signed up to participate.Wu Dongmei, who just became the replacement head of building 3 in March, joined the red Rose volunteers.After 90 preparatory party member tao Road not only bring a pickup truck to the community to report for duty, to help the neighborhood committee from the street to drag back epidemic prevention materials to his lover also pulled to the community report for duty.After settling in the elderly, red Rose volunteers are busy preparing for a new round of nucleic acid screening on April 1.As a matter of fact, the “Red Rose” volunteers took the initiative to book masks for the elderly in the community as early as the spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak broke out. Their volunteer power was greatly praised by the residents.