Please check the weather next week

2022-05-24 0 By

Is expected in the coming week our county weather fluctuation on Monday after the weather is good is given priority to with rain affected by cold air on April 1, 31 solstice apparent cooling gradually get better at the weekend the spring is so capricious weather changes in temperature switch back and forth please pay close attention to weather information map of xifeng weather forecast over the coming week on Monday (28), fine overcast days have a shower, local fog in the morning, the temperature 6 ~ 19 ℃;Tuesday (29th), cloudy day to showers or thunderstorms, the temperature of 11 ~ 16℃;Wednesday (30th), cloudy day with showers or thunderstorms, moderate to heavy rain, temperature 12 ~ 17℃;On Thursday (31st), it will be cloudy with light to moderate rain and the temperature will drop to 6 ~ 13℃.Friday (April 1), cloudy day with light rain, the temperature continues to drop, temperature 5 ~ 7℃;Saturday (2nd), cloudy to cloudy, temperature 5 ~ 11℃;On Sunday (3rd), it will be cloudy, foggy in the morning, and the temperature will rise, 5 ~ 21℃.