Pubang shares and Poly Property jointly expand sanitation services

2022-05-24 0 By

This article is from:Under the China securities news network – king (been) recently, PuBang shares (002663) announcement, ecological environment construction co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of guangdong PuBang involved in setting up and holds a 51% share of zhuhai hengqin PuBang investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “hengqin PuBang”) and poly realty service co., LTD.,Poly Environmental Services (Guangdong) Co., LTD.The cooperation with Poly Property Management is based on sanitation services, including but not limited to professional cleaning, water pollution treatment, park management services, environmental protection monitoring, soil pollution treatment and restoration services, building cleaning services, etc.In the future, the two parties will jointly build the joint venture into a leading enterprise providing comprehensive solutions for the sanitation industry in China.PuBang co said, hand in hand with poly real estate develop environmental hygiene services, the two sides will use their respective service in project design, market development, project operation and other advantages, to provide technical support to the joint venture company, based on intelligence platform, and layout the two wings “garbage sorting and recycling of renewable resources” and “garden virescence maintenance + municipal infrastructure maintenance” business,In digital drives, fu for philosophy of science and technology at the same time, through the application system and sanitation wisdom sanitation industry science and technology innovation plan, set up the sanitation industry banner, cut into the green construction and urban operation related fields, the management innovation and technological innovation as power, with high quality products of famous brand, achieve living environment comprehensive improvement.PuBang shares that sanitation service industry outlook, PuBang shares with poly real estate, is the concrete practice in the field of sanitation services company, is also a beneficial exploration for the sanitation formats, to extend urban environmental protection services and operation flow, and the current business synergies, is to promote the company endogenous development and expansion, the combination of improving industrial layout,To meet the requirements of sanitation and cleaning refined services, enabling the company to quickly improve the integration of sanitation services, and further improve the overall competitiveness of the company.It is understood that as a leading domestic garden enterprise, Pubang Shares actively respond to the national “14th Five-year plan”, over the years, the company has gradually built a set of “planning and design, engineering construction, ecological environment, seedling breeding, greening and maintenance” as one of the whole ecological landscape industry chain, and formed a strong platform advantage.PuBang shares relying on the ecological landscape and green environmental protection business technology advantage, through continuous cultivating and developing the core competitiveness, to provide customers with a full range of urban operation service, the concept of high-quality goods through to the business operations, devotes to specialization, diversification, intensification of service, promote the balanced development of urban function and structure, improve the quality of cities and the connotation,To help build the city image and bring a better life to the new city.