Spring Festival return trunk full of love

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The trunk was full of parental love.Our reporter Leng Sai Nan “mom, no more…””Too much food, too much waste…”Xiao Jin, a native of Jinsha, started working in Guiyang in 2019.Due to busy work, only the Spring Festival every year to be able to return home for a few days, the family finally happy reunion.On the afternoon of February 6th, Xiao Jin was going back to Guiyang. His parents began to prepare things early in the morning for him to take back to Guiyang.Every year, he never lost in the “trunk competition” of the Spring Festival return trip, including local eggs, spicy chicken, spicy chicken, “Mom brand” egg roll, crisp meat, local specialty mutton, etc.”Parents side loathe to leave you, side to your luggage inside stuffed with various local specialties.”Jin told reporters that sometimes her mother would even cut and pack shallots for herself.In fact, we can go out to buy things in the trunk, why we have to go so far back, these two years gradually understand, this is the “taste of home”, is priceless “happiness”.Jin admitted that he would call three or five friends to share this “super-sized takeaway” after he arrived in Guiyang.”Every time I get home it’s like a robbery. My parents want to get me all the good stuff.”Jin said that his family would use this simple way to show their love for their son every time they went back to their hometown.”Maybe moms have one thing in common: you say it’s good, and she’ll cook it more and more, but she’s just trying to give you what you think is good, all of it.”Recall the Spring Festival, no matter what time to get up, there is always hot food on the table, for fear of being hungry.What’s even more heartwarming is that jin’s family knows that he likes to eat spicy chicken nuggets and makes them every once in a while.”We have packed some fresh vegetables and mutton for you to take home to eat with your friends.”Walk into the kitchen a look, see packaged good mutton soup, sheep fat, lamb, sheep miscellaneous, rice noodles, characteristic pepper, coriander, onion and so on a set of mutton hot pot materials appear in front of the little gold.Because xiao Jin usually likes mutton flour most, so every time he goes home, he has to eat a big bowl, and must add flour and meat.Xiao Jin’s hometown has the habit of eating “rotating rice” during the Spring Festival, and every family treats everyone to have a meal during the Spring Festival.This is also one of the ways to visit relatives and friends, so, round and round, eat the sixth lunar New Year.Before leaving, her mother and father were very reluctant to give up and told her to take good care of her health and remember to eat on time.Jin said parents always try their best to give the best to their children.Therefore, the best way to respond to parents’ love is to take good care of yourself, let them rest assured, and take the initiative to report their work and life to their parents.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com