Thumb up!Xiaoshan two villages selected “Zhejiang first batch of future rural pilot”, have you village?

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Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, Zhejiang Provincial Urban and rural landscape improvement work special class office determined the first batch of the province’s future rural construction pilot village list, Xiaoshan District guali Town Merlin village, Linpu town Hengyi village on the list!Guided by party building, Meilin Village closely follows the three keys of “common prosperity + digital countryside + low-carbon development”, creates “five modernizations and ten scenes”, actively explores new modes of production and lifestyle, and builds a community of ecology, production and life leading rural revitalization.From the important origin of “Ten million project” to the pioneer of “future village”, Meilin Village has constantly updated the “opening way” of the countryside, realizing the continuous iteration from beautiful village — digital village — future village — co-rich village, responding to the changes of The Times.Linpu town village Cross village surrounding the future rural create indexes and travel “green + farmers” development direction, by and between the party and the masses as the lead, with green sharing as the basement, brigade communion by agriculture as the core, with several intellectual work as the key, to the villagers prosperity as the goal, lock “five garden area with five hundreds yuan ‘the best integral space layout,Ten scenes of “neighborhood — culture — health — low carbon — industry — style — transportation — wisdom — governance — Party building” will be built, combining hengyi Village’s own characteristics, to build a pleasure-oriented village with the brand positioning of “Xiaoshan · Future Land”.Source | agricultural rural guali, xiaoshan, zhejiang xiaoshan linpu Resident small make up 丨 jun xiao net