Want to unlock an iPhone mask?Teach you how to upgrade the beta system

2022-05-24 0 By

One of the exciting new features in iOS 15.4 for the iPhone is the new mask face unlock.According to the test, no matter whether glasses are worn or not, this function will not be affected, scanning the eyes can be successfully unlocked.A lot of people are excited about this new feature, but don’t know how to play it, so today we have a detailed tutorial for iOS 15.4.First of all, the mask unlocking feature is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, and while glasses can be unlocked, no mask is allowed.In addition, iOS 15.4 is still in Beta, so there is still some risk for users who need their iPhone as their primary device.So if you do decide to install, be sure to back up your critical data in case something goes wrong.To try out the latest software, the first step is to sign up for Apple’s Beta software program.Use your iPhone to open the web page, click register, and Face ID will be automatically called to complete the registration information, which is very fast.Once you’ve signed up and joined, you’ll find the option to download the description file on the web page, click Download and install the description file in Settings, which requires you to enter a password and agree to a lengthy statement. After that, you’ll already receive updates to the latest Beta test system.The iOS 15.4 Beta system is about 5.35GB in size and requires a wait of more than ten minutes to complete the update.Then restart the system and you can experience the latest mask face unlock function.Different from the previous face ID, face mask unlock will ask you to input the data of wearing and removing glasses to ensure the success rate of recognition.With this approach, you will be able to upgrade any new test system you encounter through the convenience of direct networking.Without waiting for someone else to share a description file.In addition, it is easy to stop accepting Beta versions of the test system by setting – >General – & gt;Delete the description file from the description file and device management, you can resume receiving the stable version of the system push, reinstall the stable version of the system.