Baotou Public Security Bureau Baiyun Obo Mining District Branch: Three dimensions to be the “confidant” of enterprises

2022-05-25 0 By

All along, Baotou City Public Security Bureau Bayan Obo mining District Branch based on its own function positioning, focusing on the legal service needs of enterprises, through the promotion of meetings, symposia, the establishment of wechat group, from the three dimensions of strict management and excellent service, in the relief of difficulties, in the escort of practical measures, to become enterprise confidants.Law enforcement has its limits.Branch to improve the political stance, from service “six stability” six “, “service the height of the economic and social development, in accordance with the law against obstruction of enterprise production and operation of illegal and criminal activities, reflect a strong focus on contract fraud, illegal operations and other prominent problems, to crack down on intentional injury, illegal detention, damaging property violation operators to personal property rights such as illegal and criminal behavior.Adhere to the law enforcement policy of tempering justice with mercy, to the enterprise to implement flexible enforcement, reduce custody in accordance with the mandatory measures, carefully apply property enforcement measures, minimize the influence of the normal operation of the enterprise production law enforcement behavior, slight “unintended consequences” of the enterprise offers opportunities for the fault-tolerant correction, leave enough space for the enterprise, keeping development, guide enterprises to establish self-discipline consciousness.Supervision has precision.Adhere to the “double random, one open” as the main way of supervision and law enforcement, establish cross-department, cross-police comprehensive law enforcement and joint supervision mechanism with the district environmental protection, natural resources, development and Reform and reform and other departments, avoid multiple repeated inspections and frequent inspections, reduce the impact on the normal production and business activities of enterprises.Enterprises on the positive list will be given free hand and help when they need help. We will carry out differentiated and category-based regulation to reduce the burden on them, improve law enforcement effectiveness and improve the business environment.Help and guide enterprises to effectively promote the construction of video surveillance of industrial parks and surrounding enterprises, vigorously promote off-site law enforcement inspection, set up police rooms in large enterprises under the jurisdiction, share public security information with the enterprise security Department constantly, and master the dynamic prevention and control of relevant regions around the clock.The service has temperature.All public security administrative examination and approval items will be stationed in the office hall, and “six days without closing” service will be implemented.Establish a group of enterprises to optimize the business environment, get to know the operation status of enterprises through wechat group point-to-point, and solicit opinions and suggestions from enterprises on the service methods and measures of the public security organs as well as the implementation of relevant policies, regulations and disciplines;To carry out laws and regulations and anti-fraud publicity, and effectively improve enterprise employees’ awareness of law-abiding discipline and self-safety prevention.Establish the leading cadre package enterprise work mechanism, establish p enterprise sharing mechanism, the leading cadre normalized contact enterprise, not regularly held online optimization under the rule of law to do business symposium, chief introduction to participating enterprises branch in specific measures to optimize the business environment of rule by law and work results, invite the representatives to give more valuable opinions.(Li Bao)