Break the day after Beijing, zeng Guoquan did what?What do you think his nickname is

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Hunan as a treasure, many heroes were born here.CAI Lun invented the art of paper making, Jiang Wan, the “four phases of Shu and Han”, Huai Su, the “Sage of grass” famous for “wild grass”, Zeng Guofan, one of the four famous officials in the late Qing Dynasty, and the founder of “Xiang Xiang School of prose”, etc.And today, we want to talk about zeng Guofan’s ninth brother, the late Qing dynasty – Zeng Guoquan.Zeng Guo-quan, intelligent since childhood, had studied under his eldest brother Zeng Guo-fan.But all talented people, most of them have a bit of pride, such as “laugh up to the sky to go out, my generation is not penghao people” Li Bai;”I laugh from the horizontal knife to the day, left two Kunlun liver and gallbladder” wuxu six gentleman tan Sitong;”The number of romantic figures still see today” of the MAO Run.Zeng Guoquan was no exception in the early stage. In the twenty-seventh year of Daoguang (1847), zeng Guoquan was only 23 years old. He was the first person to enter the county school.Xianfeng two years (1852), admitted to gongsheng.His elder brother Zeng Guofan witnessed the rise and fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom from the beginning of the official road, and his career is smooth, promising, is the object of public pursuit.Zeng Guofan, with the help of his personality charm and the manpower around him, summoned the spirit of heaven and earth, and built a “Xiang army” with foreign guns and cannons, which made the enemy terrified and the court slightly afraid, and also laid the foundation for the leadership of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement.In the sixth year of his service in xianfeng, Shi Dakai, the wing king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, attacked Jiangxi. Zeng Guofan encountered the enemy and was defeated repeatedly.In order to save his brother, Zeng Guoquan applied to Luo Bingzhang, governor of Hunan province, and recruited 3,000 soldiers. Together with Zhou Fengshan, a total of 6,000 soldiers went to Jiangxi to rescue his brother and face the Taiping army.Because this army fought against Jian ‘an, it was also called “Ji Zi Battalion”, and later “Xiang Army” ace team.Zeng Guoquan became zeng Guofan’s right-hand man.All the way led the “Xiang Army” south, captured the taiping army’s various strongholds.In the battle of Anqing, repeatedly repel the British king Chen Yucheng’s reinforcements, the capture of Anqing, the Qing court to Zeng Guoquan “wisdom and courage” award plus the rank of cloth political envoy, to the name of the envoy, to wear yellow jacket, and to the name of “Wei Yong Batulu”.Then he conquered Wuwei State (now Wuwei County, Anhui province) and took the grain warehouse of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to transport the town.As the Taiping army was defeated by them, Zeng guoquan’s official position became higher and higher.At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, tongzhi was awarded the title of supervision envoy of Zhejiang province, and in February he was promoted to minister of Jiangsu Province. In March he captured Chao County, Hanshan and Hezhou, and in May he captured Molingguan, and pushed the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s capital tianjing (now Nanjing), and camped in Yuhuatai.The origin of “hairdresser” tongzhi early, epidemic prevalence, lack of troops.Zeng Guoquan in a variety of inferior circumstances, the Taiping army was defeated by the hunan army.Hong Xiuquan panic, overnight to Jiangsu Li Xiucheng ordered, let him affinity six hundred thousand troops came to Beijing, although known as six hundred thousand but the actual only three hundred thousand, and Zeng Guoquan thirty thousand Xiangjun stalemate.Ancient farmers have been bitter dignitaries for a long time, a group of “worship God” instigated rabble and “Ji word camp” of desperadescompared with the body to resist the enemy’s foreign guns and cannons, egg against the stone, failure, fate has marked the chip.In the second year of Tongzhi, Zeng Guoquan was appointed governor of Zhejiang province. Taking tianjing was his destined path.Tongzhi three years, attacked tianjing, Zeng Guoquan captured before and after the King wang Hongrenda, Li Xiucheng and other leaders of more than three thousand people, burning, looting and looting tianjing, seven days and seven nights.Since then, Zeng guoquan has been nicknamed “hairdresser”.It’s not a good name. It’s a man who shaves a man’s head.Zeng Guoquan was notorious for his lax command and indulged his subordinates to harm innocent people.Others said that he was violent and showed no regard for human life, as if those crimes disappeared with the fire of Nanjing.After capturing Tianjing, Taiping tianguo existed in name only.Zeng guoquan was awarded the title of Taibao, crown Prince.But he did not rise as high as his brother, Zeng Guofan, who ranked among the four most famous officials.On the contrary, Zeng guofan stayed at home “unemployed” for two or three years under the excuse of recuperation.Originally, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was rumored to have a lavish, luxurious, gold-filled Treasury.However, Zeng Guoquan did not see where the Treasury of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was even when he tried to pacify the taiping army all the way.He wrote to his brother, “My life is over.At that time, the Qing Dynasty Treasury deficit, integrity of the early westernization.The economy, technology, military and education all need money to revive them.But at this time, Zeng Guoquan sent a letter to tell the court that there was no Treasury of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.In addition to its notorious reputation, many officials believed that zeng Guoquan had swallowed it instead of the Treasury.The so-called “one rise and one fall”.Zeng guofan was prepared for this tension. He wrote to his brother: “Who, despite the greatness of his position and reputation, will succeed?A moment to relinquish power a little, the evening can gradually close the ear.”After the recovery of Jinling, Zeng guofan dismissed Zeng Guoquan and ordered him to sit idle for several months.Zeng Guoquan at the peak of abstention in the heart is not willing to ignore.But the elder brother is like father, he always obeyed Zeng Guofan.He also knew that with his current reputation, he would not only lose his authority, but also endanger his whole family. So he took Zeng’s advice.At the same time, Zeng Guofan looked for Li Hongzhan to discuss the plan to save his brother, gradually just out of the plan: grasp the sovereignty, the first to seize people.Zeng Guofan deep thought wonderful, immediately write the impeachment of Zeng Guoquan.Zuo zongtang also handed the court a book, praised zeng Guofan’s impeachment excellent.Coincidentally, after Cixi read this article of praise, zeng guofan’s impeachment was also presented.The woman who played with the government immediately understood the two men’s bad cop and bad cop, and the punishment for Zeng Guoquan was equal in merit and failure.In the first year of Guangxu, bao Yuanshen, governor of Shanxi Province, was driven away by a sudden famine.The imperial court thought repeatedly, decided to send Zeng Guoquan to appease the victims, crack the famine.But human nature is the hardest thing to predict.Under conditions of extreme hunger, many people will act out of character.Lack of food and chaos have made management in Shanxi particularly difficult.Officials are difficult to control, the people are not obedient.Special period requires special methods, once “barber” incarnation of the executioner.Those who violated the law of the Qing Dynasty were beheaded to make an example of others.It also spends a lot of money buying food from afar to help people survive the crisis.Afterwards, Zuo zongtang asked Zeng guoquan, “What did Lao Jiu do well in his life?”Zeng guoquan replied, “I spend money like water and kill people like water.”Hearing this, Zuo Zongtang patted him on the shoulder and said, “I firmly believe that Lao Jiu is more talented than your elder brother.””Killing like a mass, spending money like soil”, said that he was a ruthless “hair-shaver”, burning the capital of Heaven, under the butcher was indeed killing like a mass, but to calm the victims of the disaster, to bring peace, to help the disaster area co-construction he is also kind.