Look at the changing sense of innovation, the beauty of the era, and gather the power to forge ahead

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“Family sitting, lights amiable”, is a New Year’s Eve.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala was held by the China Media Group at 8 PM on Jan 31.Keep innovation, new color.The whole show adheres to the warm and warm keynote, reflecting the centennial of the party’s founding, rural revitalization, ecological civilization, Winter Olympic Games, China’s aerospace and other major themes with novel and unique literary works. The artistic presentation combines Chinese cultural heritage and aesthetic pursuit of The Times, focusing on the deep integration of science and technology and art.In the jubilant, joyful and auspicious, we will present a “joyful, beautiful, stunning and tearful” Spring Festival cultural feast for Chinese at home and abroad.After the broadcast of the party, the broad masses of our province caused a warm response.In the Year of the Tiger CCTV Spring Festival Gala, we see the change of innovation, feel the beauty of The Times, and gather the strength to forge ahead.”Closely following the theme of The Times, closely related to social reality, close to the hot life, this year’s Spring Festival Gala, watching the fun.The rich program shows the true plain life, expresses the people’s persistent pursuit of a better life and the high morale of the new era, in the festive and warm atmosphere of the party let people feel the reunion, reunion.”China culture Newspaper in Shanxi reporter station head Guo Zhiqing said.In the singing and dancing category, actors from the old, middle and young generations joined together to present the New Year’s movement with rich themes and stirring melodies.”The lyrics of ‘Feeling of The Times’ are particularly touching and express people’s beautiful vision for the future.”Han Yufeng, former vice chairman of Shanxi Federation of Literary and Art, praised that a series of soulful works, such as Spring Breeze 100,000 Miles, Our Time and So many people in the world, are very influential, extolling the great Beauty of China, praising the Hua Xia civilization, carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and showing the magnificent picture of The Times.This year’s language program Yang laughter features, show life picture.”Father and Son” “not yet” and other sketches let people in joy, feeling human warmth, blame the lack of integrity.Wang Chenxi, a student from Taiyuan No. 5 Middle School, said, “I’ve always liked the language programs in the Spring Festival Gala. The crosstalk sketches are typical of traditional China and show the new era as an art form with strong compatibility.The sketch ‘Father and Son’ reflects new problems in the new era, such as the impact of the emerging technology industry on the traditional economy, and the family conflicts caused by the different cognition of two generations on career are finally resolved by love. It has new ideas and life, which resonates with us young people.”Zhang Jianlan, who works in education and training in Luliang City, was impressed by the sketch “Not yet”. “Shen teng’s frequent sentences in the program make people laugh.The sketch reflects the reality of life, cuts to a social pain point and educates people with laughter.”A number of innovative programs are eye-catching in this year’s Spring Festival Gala.Dance poetry drama “Only this green”, creative dance “Golden Face”, creative music dance poetry and painting “Memory of Jiangnan”, landscape tai Chi “Running Clouds and flowing Water”, martial arts short drama “Breast Tiger Roaring Spring”, music short drama “All things Spring”, children’s dance “Star Dream” and other works show the beauty of history, mountains and rivers, and culture from different aspects.”Curl body posture into the painting, continuously flowing clouds with the wind, is really very beautiful.”Xinghualing district, taiyuan city bureau of education staff as a wonderful piano painting of bodiless Yu Chuanshi “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” dance of the poetic drama “the only green, her child is like full of sense of science and technology and dreamy colour dance” star dream “, “the fine tradition of our extensive and profound culture and marvel at the space of the world miracle rocked the child’s mind, spreading the cultural confidence.””74 – year – old shao-yun Chen spirit ‘run city’, ‘siege of teenage children,” mother-in-law deficit “home country feelings,” ChiSang Town “, a teacher’s sense of honor, “the butterfly lovers” the fierceness of righteousness, the jinshui bridge fireworks life, “split” beaming, precepts’ FuLianCheng seminaries fused the Chinese opera spirit,The opera program “Life and Growth in The Pear Garden”, a collection of classic episodes of multiple operas, let me appreciate the charm of the Chinese opera Garden ecology, witness the power of the inheritance of the root.”Veteran opera fan Su Lin and exclamation.Wang Zhili, manager of xinrong District Power Supply Company of State Grid Datong, paid more attention to the Winter Olympics elements on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala because some of his colleagues participated in the power protection work of the Winter Olympics. “A lyrical song” Lighting the Dream “sang the joy and expectation of people when the Red Chinese New Year met the Winter Olympics.””Watching the Spring Festival Gala is not just a party. It has become a way of life, a memory of life and a deep feeling for my family after watching it every year for 40 years.”Zhang Hongfang, a resident of Changzhi, said that the visual effect of this year’s Spring Festival Gala is very dazzling. I heard that the use of XR, AR virtual vision technology, holographic scanning technology and 8K naked eye 3D technology and other cutting-edge technology means, technology and art integration really brought a different wonderful.Every year on New Year’s Eve, linyi county industrial park cadre Guo Liduo will go back to her rural hometown, make dumplings with her relatives, watch the Spring Festival Gala and stay up for the New Year.”The Gala has brought so much happiness to our big family of four generations and a dozen people.The rich programs of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger satisfy every family member’s preference, and the whole program creates a taste of prosperity to enhance everyone’s energy and spirit.”The Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, full of contemporary, artistic and innovative features, strengthened confidence, gathered the people, warmed the hearts and forged a common heart.Film association chairman zhi-gang Yang said, Shanxi Province, the year of the tiger CCTV Spring Festival gala highlights the theme of its new campaign, showing the spirit of the Chinese people their way to take exams, presented the colorful amorous feelings of the nationalities, reveals the big hand, bloom the tiger tiger angry, to carry forward the vital qi and then live to enrage, braved the heat of The Times,For the people of the country dedicated a novel and lively, rich, colorful, wonderful, happy and peaceful festival cultural feast.Watching the Spring Festival Gala has become a folk custom of The Times, sincerely wish better and better.Our Reporter Sun Rui (Editor: Wen Wen, Ma Yunmei)