Village “Renaissance children’s Palace” winter vacation dream education

2022-05-25 0 By

Nanfang Daily news (reporter/Luo Zhanxian) Just past winter vacation, foshan Chancheng district of rural children’s holiday life is very exciting.Since last year’s zen city built the first pilot villages “to revive the children’s palace” eight and opening-up, the country “to revive the children’s palace” actively implement the national policy of ShuangJian, around the local characteristics, the traditional culture, the genetic of rich and colorful activities, make the children learn educational outside interests, joyful growth, realize dream paradise.In September 2021, Zen City officially launched the construction of the rural “Renaissance Children’s Palace”, and built a rural “Renaissance Children’s Palace” with Zen city characteristics by establishing and improving the working mechanism, improving the position construction, deepening service operation and expanding activity resources.Among them, Chancheng Cultural Center, Zhang Cha Street new era civilization practice, Zinan village new era civilization practice station, Zhang Cha Center primary school and other 8 units were selected as the first batch of rural “Renaissance children’s Palace” places.The first eight villages in Chancheng are open to all primary and secondary school students and preschoolers, and mainly carry out moral cultivation, recreational activities and labor practices.The teachers are mainly volunteers. The counselors of the Children’s Palace are professionals from public cultural service institutions and rural school teachers. Folk artists, non-hereditary inheritors, volunteers of the “five old”, members of the National Defense Education lecturers group, retired teachers and college students are all important parts of the teachers.During winter vacation, chancheng District Cultural Center is very busy.Every Sunday from 9 am to 12 am, a group of “special angels” — autistic teenagers from foshan’s fifth district are welcomed here.Under the guidance of art teachers majoring in music and fine arts, they painted their dreams with paintbrushes and sang their hopes, turning from timid and timid to confident and brave, with bright smiles on their faces.Since the launch of the “Special Angel Art Troupe” public welfare training, a total of 54 courses have been held, benefiting more than 1,000 people.On the other hand, the “revival Children’s Palace” in the village is based on the new era civilization practice position in the area under its jurisdiction, and carries out activities with its own characteristics according to local conditions.Zi Nan village village “revival of the children’s Palace” on the village of guangfu family training hall, Foshan good man hall, Zi Nan village history museum and other position resources, give play to rural teachers, volunteers and other forces to carry out patriotism education, red revolution gene inheritance, Zi Nan local culture education.Longjin village, on the other hand, gives full play to the advantages of family tradition and training to set up filial piety school to guide minors to be positive and to pay special attention to the healthy growth of migrant workers and children from single-parent families.