Westbrook 14+3 in a single quarter, three crazy lake, 16 points in the last quarter!Lakers celebrity apology, Jordan blackface

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Beijing time on January 29th, the lakers’ 114-117 loss to the hornets, the lakers are single-core (James with heavy eyebrows are absent), vogel is directly by the Howard, can say with left foot squad recklessly seventh in the east of New Orleans, started the third quarter had 20 points behind, but with the help of the Russell – Wisconsin brooke the lakers should have the chance of a winner,But westbrook couldn’t make the kill, and even though he didn’t make the kill, the fans thought it was an honor to lose.Westbrook went 1 for 3 in the first half with five points, three rebounds, two assists and one turnover, and his net loss of 27 points was a career high.The lakers opened the third quarter with a 20-point lead, but Westbrook didn’t panic.Westbrook sparked the comeback with a 3-pointer in the third quarter, then made four consecutive drives as the lakers went on a 20-5 run (plus 15 net points in the quarter) to get within two points.Westbrook had 14 points and three assists in the quarter.Westbrook was unstoppable in the final quarter, with ismail hitting a 3-pointer and Rozier hitting a 3-pointer to push the lead back to 10. Westbrook then hit two drives and two 3-pointers to pull the lead back.After Westbrook hit his second 3-pointer to cut the lead to three, And Stanley hit a layup to cut the lead to one, Jordan just got up and left.Lamelo was fouled by Westbrook and made one of two free throws with nine seconds left. Westbrook had a chance to tie or win the game, and he took a 3-pointer and missed.Westbrook finished the quarter with 16 points, one rebound and zero turnovers on 6-of-10 shooting, 2-of-3 from 3-point range.Westbrook made 11 of 20 shots, 3 of 5 3s and 30 points in the second half.The 30-point halftime mark was the first time since Bryant’s retirement that a Lakers player scored 30 points in the second half, and Westbrook matched Bryant with 35 points, five rebounds and only one turnover.”Westbrook was brought in to make it easier for lebron to play against AD, but westbrook does nothing for this lakers team,” laker beau Shoyo wrote at the end of the first half.At the end of the game, he wrote: the Lakers lost, but we need westbrook on the move!He eventually apologized to Westbrook.By Yan Xiaobai