Xi ‘an Metro took various measures to protect citizens’ safe travel

2022-05-25 0 By

On February 18, xi ‘an Metro responded quickly and took a number of measures to ensure the safe travel of public passengers.At the beginning of the snowfall, subway stations responded quickly to clean the snow at the entrances and exits of stations, platforms, stations and passageways of elevated stations.In the stairs, platform and other key areas to lay anti-slip MATS, set up “careful slip” warning board.At the same time, every two hours at the station prone to icing throw snow melt agent to prevent ice.Facilities and equipment professionals should strengthen equipment inspection and additional passenger inspection for key parts such as overhead contact line, communication and track, pay close attention to the operation status, and ensure the equipment runs well in low temperature weather.At the same time, train drivers strengthen the lookout, strictly control the speed, to ensure the smooth running of the train.Disposable raincoats, umbrellas and hot water are also available at the station service desk to provide caring services for passengers in need.During the Friday morning rush hour, due to snowfall and heavy passenger flow, passenger flow continued to rise. Xi ‘an Metro promptly organized four standby trains to put into operation to ease the instantaneous heavy passenger flow.At the same time, some stations have adopted passenger flow control measures to ensure safe operation.In view of the possible large passenger flow in the evening peak, Xi ‘an Metro has prepared cars in advance and prepared for additional trains at any time to maximize the network transport capacity and ensure smooth travel of passengers.In rainy and snowy weather, there is a large passenger flow in the morning and evening rush hours on the subway. Please arrange your travel schedule reasonably and travel at different peak times. Hold firmly on the escalator and stairs, and do not get on or off the train when the light is flashing.If you encounter the station passenger flow control, please follow the site staff’s instructions to enter the station in an orderly manner.