After the employee was fired, he exposed the “inside story” of the company to vent his anger.

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Are you not properly assigned to work?Fired for no reason?What would you do if you encountered these problems at work?Is seeking the help of labor arbitration?Or expose the company “inside” to vent anger?This time should be careful once the method is used wrong likely to cause infringement oh!Recently, the Beijing No. 4 Intermediate Court concluded a case in which the laborer who was originally in the right was judged to bear tort liability because of a few words.Li mou works in a consulting company, because the leadership did not explain clearly to its arrangement of work content, also did not inform its work report format has been changed, resulting in the completion of the work error, the company suffered a certain loss.For this, Li Mou and director leadership produced dispute, before long, Li Mou received mail to come namely “remove labor contract notice”.Lee reported to his superiors and was told that he could continue working if he paid the fine.Due to unilaterally terminate the labor relationship exists objection to the company, angry li mou overnight in the consulting company customer WeChat group long article accused the company of the kinds of behavior and internal leadership, which contains “so casually punishment is not only to enrich themselves,” some people “do false scheduling and attendance, supervision company collusion cheat party a, deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates”, etc.In the same year, Li mou applied for labor arbitration, was identified as consulting company and Li mou labor relationship is illegal termination, the company should pay Li Mou wages, overtime and compensation.After the event, consultancy, thinks, li mou in the absence of evidence, in the company’s customer WeChat group of companies use “pockets” in “deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates with derogatory meaning of words”, all of the customer can see, the social evaluation to the company and reputation caused some negative effects, li mou shall bear the corresponding civil liability, so it will soon be li mou appealed to the court.After the second instance, Beijing No. 4 Intermediate People’s Court held that: legal persons enjoy the right of reputation Network users to slander, slander and other means, damage the public’s trust in the operating subject, reduce their social evaluation, network users should bear tort liability.This case li mou provides existing evidence is insufficient to confirm the above statements is true, its use in the consulting company customer WeChat group of the “pockets” “supervision company collusion cheat party a with” subjective tendentiousness and the internal evaluation of speech, is beyond the goodwill, the appropriate degree of expression, the consulting company business reputation caused negative influence,Constitute an infringement of the consulting company’s reputation.According to this, the cause of the termination dispute between the two sides, as well as factors such as the degree of fault of Li mou, the spread of the speech involved, and the degree of goodwill damage, in accordance with the principle of rationality and necessity, The Fourth Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing sentenced Li Mou to publish an apology, and compensate the consulting company for the loss of 16,610 yuan.The judge said after the court, life, encounter the above case in li mou trouble, many people may hope to be able to spit out a mouthful of “evil”.However, to the unit of choose and employ persons to terminate the labor contract of the decision to hold an objection, should choose a legal way to protect rights, such as through consultation, labor arbitration, litigation to solve, do not speak out because of evil, so that they are in the infringer’s disadvantage.In this case, Li Mou already was labor dispute “winner”, but because fail to keep mouth however and bear responsibility.Compared with making “defamatory” remarks on social media platforms without any evidence, if you really have the real clues of illegal crimes of the employer, you can report to the relevant departments for investigation and evidence collection, so as to avoid the violation of the right of reputation of the employer due to unauthorized speech.Shijiazhuang Fa Garden