China’s auto safety ushered in a new supervision model five departments issued a document to launch sandbox supervision pilot

2022-05-26 0 By

This article from: People’s Daily online’s Beijing April 4 (reporter bo sun ocean) the reporter understands from the market supervision administration, recently, the market supervision administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport five department, emergency department, the General Administration of Customs jointly issued “on trial supervision system of auto safety box notices, jointly launched car security sandbox supervision pilot work.It is understood that at present, China’s new energy vehicle industry into the development of the fast lane, electric, intelligent, network, sharing integration development, while injecting new momentum for economic growth, but also derived software security, network security, industrial supply chain security and other new security issues.It brings new risks and quality uncertainties, and brings great challenges to automobile safety supervision., according to the relevant person in charge of market supervision administration of sandbox regulation as the beneficial supplement of traditional regulatory way, is a kind of according to the flexible regulatory system of technology innovation, is actually provide a test platform for the enterprise and the test cycle, without violating the principle of access standard and the bottom line on the basis of the regulation to encourage enterprises when not fully grasp the product risk, volunteered to conduct further tests,Maximum protection against product application risk.At the same time, the director said that sandbox supervision can improve the real-time performance of regulatory risk response, flexibility, prevent too strict regulation on inhibition of science and technology innovation, better balance technology innovation and security risks, actively advocate the best security practices, in order to promote our country automobile industry prosperity, health, safe and orderly development provides a new thought of regulation.It is understood that the sandbox regulatory system originated in the UK, and is currently being implemented in more than 20 countries and regions, including the US, Germany and Japan, in the fields of finance, automobile and energy.The relevant person in charge of market supervision bureau said that in the field of automotive safety in our country introducing the sandbox regulation, encourage enterprises listed within a certain period of time has been used in a thorough security test vehicles on the cutting edge of technology, to a certain extent, fill the standard lag behind the lack of regulation, is advantageous to the regulators earlier will be cutting-edge technology into the regulatory scope of quality and safety of questions,Better guarantee the bottom line of product safety.At the same time, participating in the pilot enterprises, to take the initiative to fulfill the quality and safety responsibilities, accept the supervision of the regulatory authorities, tracking evaluation and quality services.Both parties shall work together to identify product safety issues, improve product design and manufacturing, and reduce product safety risks.