It is a fool not to take advantage, but it is not stupid to take advantage, it is fishing

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First ask an interesting question: play mahjong, win count you, lose count me, do you play?Most people would probably go to a poker table.He is a fool who enjoys nothing.Am I an idiot?Of course not.Just like the hot news recently, Zhejiang province calls on college students from all over the country to start businesses in Zhejiang.If the start-up fails, the government will compensate for the loan of less than 100,000 yuan.In fact, this is not the first time that Zhejiang province has called on college students to start their own businesses.As early as 2015, zhejiang Provincial government issued the Opinions on Supporting Mass Entrepreneurship and Promoting Employment, allowing college students who meet certain requirements to apply for loans of no more than 300,000 yuan.In 2018, the Zhejiang provincial government issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting Employment at present and for a Period in the future, raising the maximum loan to 500,000 yuan.Zhejiang’s approach is the equivalent of inviting college students across the country to play cards at a poker table.If the venture fails within 100,000 yuan, the venture guarantee fund created by the government will provide compensation.80% of the loan of 100,000-500,000 yuan will be reimbursed by the venture guarantee fund.It is said that the telephone of zhejiang provincial Department of Human resources and Social Security has been flooded.In fact, this is not quite the same as the bottom of the bag.Although compensation is a small loophole repayment mechanism, it does not completely pay for college students.Among the specific implementation methods, it specifies the mechanism for recovery and verification.To put it bluntly, compensation is a credit overdraft, which will affect personal credit investigation.There are only two kinds of people who dare to go to the poker table: one is the one who has something at home, and the other is the one who dares to fight.No matter which kind, they are all talents that are urgently needed for urban development.They start a business in Zhejiang, large probability will take root here.To say the least, some of these talents failed, what does it matter, the consumption of the loan of 100,000-500,000 yuan is in Zhejiang province.In other words, the meat is rotting in the pot.Become, retain talent;Failure, boosting employment and consumption.Success or failure, Zhejiang became famous and played a positive role in promoting the city.The west wind said: taking advantage is not silly, silly up, taking advantage is actually a process of fishing.Man is willing to take the time, the bait and the failure rate because he knows that the value of the fish he catches will cover all the costs.It is also true that zhejiang is not a fisherman and college students are not fish.Or that sentence, take advantage of, if accounted for to continue to occupy, if accounted for less than a place to occupy.At the beginning, it’s important to know what others are taking advantage of and to offer it to others.PS: I am a fan of the West Wind, and the public account will study and practice the views of the West wind.The point of view of today’s article comes from the West wind, and the specific article is digested and understood by green Yan.With the west wind exchange growth, arch a pawn, not tang donations.Communication is business, content is the sincerity I give you, and attention is the trust you give me.If you like me, please pay attention to “Words of Green yan”, give a thumbs-up and look at.Trusting others and counting on yourself is the way out.I am green yan, pay attention to me, accompany you to read the world.Liking, watching, forwarding is better support!