Northbound daily net buy 4.5 billion yuan, China ping An more than 1 billion yuan, Zijin Mining 900 million yuan

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On Thursday, the major indexes diverged, with the Shanghai Index rising slightly during a volatile day and the CHINext index falling nearly 2% again.By the close, The Shanghai index was up 0.17 percent, the Shenzhen Component index was down 0.73 percent and the chinext index was down 1.98 percent.Turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen topped 936.4 billion yuan, almost unchanged from Wednesday.Shanghai stock connect net inflow of 5.2 billion, shenzhen stock connect net outflow of 700 million.From the disk, the concept of live pigs was strong throughout the day, tourism, coal mining and other sectors were strong in the afternoon, infrastructure was strong in the morning, fell in the middle, and strong again in the afternoon. Overall, hot spots in the whole day showed the characteristics of fast rotation.Ningde times briefly fell below the 500 yuan mark in the afternoon before rebounding to close down 5.32 percent, with turnover reaching a record high of nearly 15 billion yuan.In terms of the sector, tourism, scenic spots, feed processing and other sectors led the increase, while power equipment, medical services, medical cosmetology and other sectors led the decline.Wednesday strong rise in the digital currency small adjustment, radio and television department rose slightly.More than 1,700 stocks rose and more than 2,700 fell.In general, index differentiation, stock differentiation, hot rotation faster, Shanghai refers to 3500 points of pressure and 3448 points of support, gem Yang line was completely reversed today, adjustment pressure is larger.Due to the serious differentiation, still need to strictly control the position, should not be too high varieties.According to the report, 14 industries had net inflows of capital, among which the non-banking industry had the largest net inflow of 2.05 billion yuan. The top five industries had net inflows: non-banking industry, banking, non-ferrous metals, real estate, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.The top five industries with net outflows were automotive, media, machinery, mining and electrical equipment.The list of the top 30 stocks with the most net purchases in north China was sorted out, with Ping An of China buying 938 million yuan, Zijin Mining 928 million yuan and Huatai Securities 386 million yuan.In the buy list, NBI capital has the biggest position in Sanhua Wisdom Control, Lead Intelligence and Tige Medicine, accounting for 23.10%, 21.89% and 13.48%, respectively.Single daily increase of the highest proportion of stocks for eastern cable, Western Mining, Zijin mining 0.61%, 0.45%, 0.40% respectively.In the list of the 30 stocks with the most net selling amount of North China, the top three stocks were Longji Shares with a net selling price of 421 million yuan, Oriental Wealth with a net selling price of 372 million yuan and Dayu Laser with a net selling price of 191 million yuan. The top three stocks accounted for 11.88%, 7.98% and 16.14% respectively.Nbi capital has the heaviest position in Midea Group, Dazu Laser and Hengsheng Electronics, reaching 16.85%, 16.14% and 15.11% respectively.Disclaimer Any content and operations involved in this platform are only for your reference and learning, and do not constitute investment advice, purchase of stocks, futures, gold and other financial products. They are not the basis for your investment, and do not promise you investment returns.You should make investment decisions independently and bear investment risks and losses by yourself. Investment is risky and entering the market should be cautious.