The Ministry of Education did intervene, and the teacher was detained and his real identity was revealed

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It is believed that this holiday should be the happiest holiday for students in China, because they no longer have to wander around in various remedial institutions, and can do nothing but eat and sleep at home, but is it really the case?In fact, for parents of primary school students is very supportive, because children’s academic pressure is small, as long as they can keep up with the rhythm of the teacher, parents will not have too many requirements for children.But when it comes to middle and high school students, it is different. Because of the pressure of entering a higher school, parents dare not relax. Even if the offline institutions have closed, parents will find teachers for students, hoping to take advantage of the holiday to check the gaps.It is very important for students to stay with the teacher during class. If they miss 10 minutes in class, they have to spend an hour after class to make up for it.But students mature late, in junior high school or high school to play, so students often rely on make-up lessons to make up for the lack of learning, even after the double reduction do not let make-up lessons, but parents still have to risk, in the face of the pressure of entering school, parents do not dare to relax vigilance.However, different regions of the country have different management. For example, many large institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have closed down, but in small cities of the fourth and fifth tier, there are still many small institutions against the wind.This department of education really made a move, sword action, there is a small organization in Yulin city to avoid class in the community, there are students walking every day, so the residents of the community found abnormal, so it will be reported, finally to the scene found this matter, the teacher privately make up lessons, there is an institution of the “principal”.First of all, the three students were criticized and educated, and then they had to accept the consequences of “detention for five days”. I hope teachers in other institutions can take this incident as a lesson and respect laws and regulations.The authorities also investigated the identities of the two teachers, and the true identities of the two teachers were also revealed. They turned out to be in service, and the two teachers are expected to be revoked of their teaching certificates and cannot continue to teach in the school.Although I feel pity for these two teachers, but also feel very relieved, because under the quality education, the school requirements for teachers are strict, in-service teachers want to continue to work, they should recognize the provisions of the school.Build a good image for the school.The author can understand the mood of parents to do so, but the provisions of the state of parents should also comply with, only parents physically comply with, in order to put an end to this phenomenon.This incident also sounded the alarm to other teachers, quality-oriented education is the future development trend, cultivating students’ overall strength is the most important, teachers should also adopt a variety of teaching methods, not only for textbooks.The results are only a part of the scope of consideration. Only teachers can cooperate with the educational regulations, so as to play a positive role, rather than formalism, and parents can trust the school.During the winter vacation teachers are too “Buddhist department”, parents are exhausted, I do not know how to be good at the original teacher holiday can get a real rest, but now the school’s teaching task is heavy, most of the time students have a holiday teachers also stick to their posts.Today, some schools let teachers go to the school to inspect the school every day, which also triggered netizens’ routine. Originally, teachers’ holidays are not really holidays, so this is also the reason why most teachers are Buddhists.So I hope parents can understand the teacher’s hard work, when unnecessary try not to disturb the teacher, parents should take advantage of the holiday to care more about students’ ideological problems, do good friends of students, help him solve problems.Random individual school students, is this not done well, students do not take lightly to holiday must want to relax and thinks for a few days, before the opening night repair work, believe that this is the norm in most of the students, but students after school was dumbfounded, random individual, but also to learn after a period of time to enter state.In order to avoid this situation, students should master these points in the holiday, appropriate relaxation is very necessary, but students should also ensure that every day in learning, so as to maintain the state of learning, but also exercise students’ self-discipline, which is the lack of many students.If it is primary and middle school students, holidays must practice more words, now students handwriting is generally sloppy, so students must practice more, holiday because there is a chunk of time, so it is very suitable for students to practice words, so in high school will not lose the score on the paper.Holiday time is short, students’ results are accumulated over a long period of time, parents should not be hands off, less nagging, more company, more grasp the ideas of students, pull into the relationship with students, to avoid adolescent students too rebellious.The author’s message: the cancellation of training institutions is the trend of the future, in-service teachers should also recognize the fact, take advantage of the holiday to learn more new knowledge, do not do “Buddhist” teachers, put their mind on teaching, so as to get the recognition of parents.Today’s topic: Do you think the punishment for the two teachers in Yulin city is severe?Welcome everyone to leave a message to share with the author in the comments section below, say their own unique views, the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Wen Yan education