Huantai County no. 4 Middle School to carry out special rectification of outstanding teacher ethics

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Zibo, February 26 – In order to further standardize the professional behavior of all teachers, strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility of teachers in education, recently, the fourth middle school of Huantai County in the whole school carried out the special rectification action of outstanding teacher ethics.At first, the school held a quick meeting to study and formulate the implementation plan of special rectification action on outstanding problems of Teachers’ morality and teachers’ style in Huantai County No. 4 Middle School.Held a special rectification action mobilization conference on outstanding problems of teachers’ ethics and ethics.Party general branch secretary, principal Bi Yongming conveyed the relevant documents and interpreted the “Huantai County No. 4 Middle School teachers’ ethics outstanding problems special rectification action implementation plan”.Vice president Tian Qinghua focused on reading out 31 outstanding problems of teachers’ morality and style strongly reflected by the masses, requiring all faculty and staff to strictly compare 31 self-examination and self-correction, and deeply investigate their own problems.In addition, teachers’ ethics warning education was carried out, and all the faculty and staff signed a letter of commitment to teachers’ ethics.February 22 -24, junior high school graduation grade teachers to “how to teacher ethics teacher style construction and improve teaching results combined” as the theme, primary school and junior high school teachers in other grades to “teacher ethics teacher style problem self-examination and teacher ethics literacy improvement” as the theme, group discussion.After the meeting, each faculty member wrote a high quality experience.The school has set up a complaint box for teachers’ morality supervision, accepting social supervision.In the next step, the school will carry out teaching evaluation among students, parents and teachers. Teachers will be evaluated comprehensively by issuing teaching evaluation forms, questionnaires and voting, so as to select the teachers most liked by students and most satisfied by parents, and constantly improve the professional ethics and humanistic quality of school teachers.It has created a team of teachers who are satisfied with the society, reassured parents and trusted by students.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Zhang Xiaoning correspondent Wang Chenglin