I was planting a flag and stepping on pickled cabbage: “All wear rain boots to go in, even barefoot.”

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No one expected that Lao Tan Sauerkraut would one day become an Internet celebrity, dominating the hot search list.On March 15, “Lao Tan Sauerkraut” was named in the 2022 CCTV “March 15” gala, and several well-known companies that process sauerkraut buns were exposed.According to the report, some Lao Tan pickled cabbage buns turned out to be “pickled in pits” and were produced in disgusting conditions.After the incident was exposed, Uni-President, Master Kong and other quick response.Hunan Huaqi Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd. is under the spotlight.According to Tianyan, The company was established in May 2005 with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. Its business scope includes processing and sales of vegetable products (pickles) and condiments.Aquatic products processing and marketing;Vegetable planting technology popularization and seed breeding.”It is not good. After being exposed, the development of the economy will definitely be affected.””Huang, 30, told Time Finance.As a flagbearer, he thought that the older generation had preserved vegetables in this way and did not think it was important.Guo Wucang, a farmer who is in his 60s, has never heard of the flag-planting scandal.According to Guo Wucang, there are some cases of workers stepping barefoot on sauerkraut, but not many.At the end of the first month of every year, it is the day for flag-bearers to pickle pickles in earth pits.The pickling time is very short, only about 20 days. Once the mustard plants bloom, they cannot be cured when they are old.On the evening of March 15, CCTV exposed the sanitary condition of “tukeng Sauerkraut” purchased from outside by Hunan Jiaqi Vegetable Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiaqi Vegetable industry”).Exposure footage showed workers walking on pickled cabbage with bare feet, with finished cigarette butts thrown directly at it.Mr. Huang, 30, saw the exposure video and felt bad.He said, pickled mustard is the pillar industry of his hometown, after the exposure, the economic development will be affected.Huaqi food industry is located in Huaqi Town, Huarong County, Hunan Province. Legend has it that Yue Fei once planted the commanding flag in Guanshan Road, and it got its name after that.Huarong County is known as the “hometown of Chinese mustard”.In 2021, Zhang Zhaoyu, then deputy director of The Vegetable Industry Service Center of Huarong County, introduced in an interview with the media that Huarong County “has formed a whole industry chain of vegetable planting, processing and sales led by 3 provincial agricultural leading enterprises and 13 municipal agricultural leading enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan”.As a matter of fact, it is not difficult to make pickled cabbage in a pit. Dig a pit 1.5 to 2 meters deep, 2 meters wide, and 5 to 7 meters long. Cover the pit with a thick transparent plastic cloth and put the mustard greens that have been cut off and dried in the sun for a day or two.Spread a layer of vegetables, code a layer of salt, then spread a layer of vegetables, code a layer of salt, after placing, then spread a transparent plastic sheet, sealed, and finally cover with soil.A pit of this size can pickle about 3 mu of mustard.Mustard yield is high, one mu of land can harvest 6 thousand jin to 10 thousand jin, good mustard a weight of about 1 jin.If you plant more, dig more pits.Pickles with salt according to the mustard harvest put, one mu of land with 800 jin of salt, about 10 jin vegetables 1 jin of salt.When you add salt, the bottom salt can be a little lighter, the top salt should be a little heavier.In case of high temperature weather, the water is soaked in pickles for cooling pits.Wait patiently for five months and the mustard is ready.If sealed well, marinate for a year or two.Guo Wucang has 8 mu of land. Years ago, mustard was planted for pickling and then sold. When the pickled pickled cabbage was in good condition, it could be sold for about 5 yuan per catty, while those with average quality only sold for about 4 yuan.Fresh mustard can also be sold, sold to the earth pit pickled mustard people, remove yellow leaves, 20 or 30 fen a catty.The “315” party exposed the problems in the process of collecting pickled cabbage.In Guo Wucang’s opinion, there are some cases of workers stepping barefoot on sauerkraut, but not many. “Here, we wear rain boots to go in, and barefoot can also go in, but the salt water has a little pickled feet.”Guo Wucang thinks that pickles play barefoot or wear rain boots to go in do not affect health, “pickles are with high salinity to kill all the bacteria, there is an old saying in the past, called salt eliminate poison.Besides, it takes a lot of washing to get the vegetables back.””The quality of the food they receive is very poor.” In Guo Wucang’s opinion, the health management and quality requirements of the vegetable industry are very strict.Because of work, Guo Wucang has the opportunity to enter the flag vegetable industry of each workshop.”The quality of their food is very diao, high requirements, fresh vegetables bloom, do not;If it’s yellow, don’t do it.”The price of vegetables is also 5 fen to 1 fen higher than the market price, about 3.5 fen per catty.For pickled pickled cabbage, about 50 yuan a catty, is the higher market price.Because I have been to the workshop many times, Guo Wucang also saw some operational procedures.Fresh mustard in, at least three or five wash, the last line of water is very clear.The pickled dishes are also washed three or five times, “especially for export, very well done.”In Guo Wucang’s heart, he is grateful to the flag vegetable industry.”I don’t get any credit from them, but they have contributed to our flag-bearers by supporting many workers and many families.We have a lot of people and little farmland. Rural people have no income and no retirement salary. So they grow mustard to increase their income.”(Pseudonym) Source: Time Finance