On April 1, the new traffic rules will be revised: 12 points will be deducted from the AB driver’s license, and three points will be deducted from queue-jumping

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Now, our country officially into the automobile age, as people raising the level of economy, more and more friends to buy a car, at present, our country has close to 400 million, average every family a car, but, as the car number increasing, the traffic is becoming more and more big, most of the city traffic, parking difficulty problems.So, in order to alleviate traffic pressure, the relevant departments to set up more and more traffic rules, and traffic rules are constantly changing, for example, parking for our point-deduction no longer, only for the owner to carry on the fine, after April 1 this year will usher in the new traffic laws, and standard of adjust a lot of points, such as speeding is not less than 20% points, classification of overload travel less than 20%.As we all know, now the speed limit of expressway is 120 km/h, when the implementation of the new traffic law, the maximum speed of private cars can reach 144 km/h, because the speeding is less than or equal to 20% will not be deducted points, in addition, many one-time deduction of 12 points for violations also reduced to 9 points, such as speeding 50%-100%, overload 50%-100%,Driving license is inconsistent with driving type and so on.In addition, after the implementation of the new traffic law also increased a lot of points deducted items, April 1 ushered in the adjustment of the new traffic regulations: the cancellation of AB driver’s license deduction of 12 points downgraded, traffic jam queue-jumping deduction of 3 points, the following details.One, the cancel button AB the driver’s 12 points down regulation of disposable 12 points for C certificate is not terrible, because C certificate by 12 points can learn and test subjects A recovery after the driver’s license, but very troublesome for AB driving license, because AB driving license after one-time by 12 points need to downgrade to its, such as B certificate to C certificate, A certificate to B certificate,When an AB driver’s license is downgraded, he needs to increase his driving license and restore it, so the deduction of 12 points for an AB driver’s license is very serious.After the new traffic laws, cancelled the AB driving license 12 points down regulation, when AB driving license holders are 12 points after rigorous will need to study and test, if in a scoring period is 12 points many times, will extend the study time, increasing learning contents, subjects, strengthen the education management of illegal driver for many times.2, cancel the part increases the driving course, course after four test new traffic laws, part increases the driving license will no longer need to be four exam course and a course, including C1 C2 upgrade, F the upgrades and E E D card, the driver’s license in driving process doesn’t need to attend the course and course four exams, you just need to take two subjects and three subjects,Lower test standards, improve driving efficiency.Three, increasing the points of project 1, traffic jam 3 points in the new traffic laws cancelled illegally one-time withholding 2 points, that is to say, a one-time buckle 2 violation may be reduced to 1 minute, or increase to 3 points, and the traffic queue points to adjust to 3 points, when we meet in front of the traffic jam, if you want to borrow the non-motor vehicle lanes or lane to overtake when it will be three points,The penalty for this offence was previously 2 points, so cars used to cutting in line should take note.Playing with mobile phone while driving is not allowed, because playing with mobile phone while driving will distract the driver’s attention, which has certain safety risks. Therefore, playing with mobile phone or answering or making a call while driving will be deducted 2 points, but after the implementation of the new traffic law, this violation will be deducted 3 points.The penalty points for illegal parking at high speed have also been adjusted. Previously, illegal parking on high speed would result in six points being deducted, but this has been increased to nine points after the new traffic law came into effect.Finally, the new traffic law will be implemented on April 1. Although the new traffic law reduces the standard of points deducted for some violations, it also improves many points deducted for violations, so the owners must obey the traffic rules when driving and drive safely.