Our festival new high Spring Festival “new dress” up

2022-05-27 0 By

Xi ‘an Network news (reporter Ma Ying) Before the bell rang, the Taste of the New Year has been thick, slowly walking xi ‘an high-tech Zone, into the eye is a festive Atmosphere of the New Year.Skyscrapers in red suits, fu Tigers, lanterns and creative flower combinations all add a stronger flavor to the upcoming Spring Festival.Follow the reporter we go to have a look!In order to welcome the Spring Festival in 2022, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone will decorate red lanterns on gaoxin Road, Keji Road, Tangyan Road, Jinye Road and other sections. At the intersection of Keji Road 8 and Zhangba East Road, tangyan Road and Gaoxin Road, north Square of Gaoxin Road, North Square of Tang Ruins Park, Torch Building of Gaoxin Road and other squares,As well as high-tech zone, Hecizhai highway entrances and exits are decorated with lucky flowers, fu Hu, lanterns, lanterns and other ornaments, hanging happy and peaceful New Year atmosphere, but also string residents’ sense of happiness, sense of gain.Came to Jin Ye Road, Tang Yan Road, after the night falls, the skyscraper group here put on a red suit, the building body flashing “auspicious” “happy New Year” and other words, dazzlingly dazzling, full flavor of the New Year, attracted many citizens to watch photos;Into the science and technology road, Fenghui South Road, a festive small lanterns niftily hidden in the branches and leaves, filled with thick flavor of the New Year;Come to the North square of tang Site Park, there are 10 auspicious tigers with different shapes of air film, and the trees on both sides are also decorated with colored lights, showing a strong atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger.At the expressway entrance of the High-tech Zone, the surrounding green land is decorated with red lantern groups, which make it very lively to look at from a distance, both day and night…The lighting, strings of lights and groups of flowers all reflect the speed of high-quality development of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, contain the temperature of the whole city, and also show people’s infinite expectations for a better life in the Year of the Tiger.I believe that the New Year, will be such as the red lanterns, lighting general, thriving, and the United States auspicious!Finally, the reporter reminds everyone that The New Year fu Hu auspicious, epidemic prevention do not forget!