Rain will occupy the “C position” again. It will be wet and cold. Keep warm

2022-05-27 0 By

Jinshan network news yesterday finally saw the sun for a long time, although sunshine limited time supply, but can temporarily experience the warmth of the sun is also a happy thing.In the next three days, “model worker” rain no problem and occupy the “C”, weekends continue to “soak in the water”, see the sun is estimated to wait until next week.Though this round of precipitation will not bring the temperature decrease, but the body feeling damp don’t reduce, because of the warm air layer on the water vapor will not only put up the clothes to supplant, destruction and thermal insulation layer, heat transfer effect will absorb a lot of heat from the body, the more quickly in addition, the evaporation of water vapor will take more heat and thus people will feel more cold than actual.It seems that although spring has begun, down jackets are still a necessity when going out.Looking back on the past month, there was no sunny days in the impression, jiangsu meteorological also confirmed this point, nearly a month since, the precipitation of huaibei area 8.1mm, between jianghuai 43.4mm, southern Jiangsu 89.3mm;Compared with the same period all the year round, it is 48.7% less in huaibei area, 20.9% more in jianghuai area and 58.3% more in southern Jiangsu area.It is estimated that the precipitation from late February to early March is 0-20% less than usual between Huaibei region and Jianghuai Region, and 0-20% more than usual in southern Jiangsu province.Specific weather forecast: the 11th overcast to light rain, southeast wind level 3-4, temperature 2℃ to 8℃;The 12th cloudy light rain, temperature 3℃ to 8℃;The 13th cloudy light rain, temperature 4℃ to 7℃.(ChanSha)