Urgent reminder!What should I do to collect express delivery during the epidemic?

2022-05-27 0 By

In the new Coronavirus pandemic, epidemic prevention will play an important role in winning the battle against the virus. Are there any people who must order delivery or takeout every day?In this outbreak tense moment to do a good job of protection is a top priority today, we prepared a security and epidemic prevention guide please find ~ charge express safety tip is currently in the fourth wave of new crown outbreak epidemic period, many domestic to report everything nucleic acid testing positive cases, there is great “offspring” risk of infection, to prevent goods transfer the risk of infection,It is recommended that you do not buy online unless necessary.If necessary, shop carefully online.Since the self-containment, cainiao station has taken a number of protective measures to protect the lives, health and safety of teachers and students.1. Pay close attention to the epidemic situation when shopping, and understand the epidemic risk level of the place where the product is purchased.2. When picking up packages, staggered the peak period, and at the same time, do a good job of personal protection, wear masks and disposable gloves in a standard way, take contactless way to collect packages as far as possible, and keep a certain distance from other personnel.If you need to sign in person, keep a safe distance from the Courier.3. Unpack the package at cainiao station as far as possible after picking up the package, and put the unpacked inside and outside into the garbage bag. Do not take the outer package out.After unpacking, disinfect hands with 75% medical alcohol or special disinfectant, and dispose used gloves and masks according to “other waste”.4. Refuse to receive express mails from overseas and domestic medium-high risk areas.For express packages sent from low-risk areas, it is recommended to thoroughly disinfect the external and internal packages with chlorine disinfectant or 75% alcohol in turn, and let stand in a ventilated place for 30 minutes before removing the contents;Solid cargo can be sprayed with disinfectant before use;Textiles such as clothes that cannot be disinfected can be used after washing and drying.Food safety tips Epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, there should be no slack, careless or fluke mentality, a slight negligence may fail.There are three main possibilities for novel coronavirus transmission through takeaway delivery: the takeaway worker is infected, and in the absence of protection, the virus can be attached to the food by droplets;If delivery workers are infected, the package may carry the virus;Individuals can also become infected while picking up takeout food.For everyone’s life, health and safety, to prevent hidden dangers, actively cooperate with the work, do their own protection.The epidemic prevention and control work has brought some inconvenience to you. Please have more understanding, more cooperation, more compassion and more tolerance.Let’s win the war against the epidemic together!END