Chen Qingling: Continuous with Jin Zixuan side so long, why did not fall in love with Jin Zixuan?

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Guide language: “Chen Qing makes” the continuous girl inside is the only member that gets good death in Chen Qing female group, she got married finally, the husband still abandoned business for her, set his mind at night hunt with her everywhere, still have a beautiful lovely daughter.I can see the continuous very happy!So continuous with Jin Zixuan so long, why did not fall in love with Jin Zixuan?She in xuan away and forget envy feelings, what kind of role is playing?In the Group of Chen Qing women, can not say continuous is a special existence, whether in the eyes of Wei Wu Envy, or the eyes of blue forget machine, or the eyes of Jin Zixuan, continuous girl is very special existence.Wei No envy had just seen the continuous, up on a teasing, and then the continuous is accompanied by Jin Zixuan to study in Gusu, continuous was praised clever, gentle.Can be proud of jin Zixuan appreciation, and several times out, Gold Guangshan let the continuous with advised Jin Zixuan, visible ability of the continuous outstanding.Blue forget machine is childe ranking second, Jin Zixuan is the third, Wei Wuxian is the fourth, so the continuous girl got the attention of these childe at the same time, think about how much glory it is!In fact, at the beginning of the continuous, xiaobian thought she would be Jin Zixuan and Jiang disgust from this relationship stumbling block, after all, a few times because of continuous, to Jin Zixuan and jiang disgust from the engagement and feelings have played the role of dog blood.For example, as Jin Zixuan’s confidant, it is impossible not to know that Jin Zixuan is resisting the marriage arranged by his parents, but also deliberately teasing his son and jiang girl in public when he put the lamp for blessing, and finally led to a fight with Jin Zixuan wei Wuxian.Even if it is to see Jin Zixuan and Jiang Disgust from the lamp blessing, there is no need to ridicule in public, let Jiang disgust from the stage?Continuous served Jin Zixuan so long, their own son is what virtue is not clear?Miss Continuous may have meant well, but she didn’t help!But the continuous is a girl who knows how to relive the pain, she later refused to help jiang disgust from soup to Jin Zixuan is the best example, at this time jiang disgust from with Jin Zixuan have broken the engagement, jiang disgust from this thought to silently care about Jin Zixuan, but the continuous refused to help her soup.Mianmian refused because she knew it would be inappropriate for her to be involved, whether she was discovered or not.And then the truth came to light, the fate of the woman called a Yuan, you can imagine!So you see Mianmian is a very clear girl, isn’t it?And continuous in forget envy this section of feelings, that is the role of pure assists.In the xuanwu cave, blue forget machine and Wei No envy two people each other misunderstanding each other like continuous, two people made different responses to jealousy, also contributed to us a lot of points, but also accelerated the feelings between the two people.Continuous this VAT of vinegar, but let blue forget the machine to remember more than ten years!Mian Mian is also an honest and compassionate woman. She speaks up for Wei Wuxian not only because Wei Wuxian once saved her, but also because mian Mian’s inner conscience is still alive.After leaving Lanling jin, do not forget the original intention, even if there is no gate without party alone night hunting, also in their meager ability anti-espionage and help the weak.Continuous girl has been very clear self-awareness and the ability to push their own, whether it is Jin Zixuan, Wei Wuxian, or blue forget the machine, these childe in the fairy circle, are the best, the existence of dragon and phoenix.But mianmian knows her own identity, so she will not blindly cling to it.She has a clear understanding of herself, and will not expect things that do not belong to her, nor will she expect people who do not match her.She kept a proper and measured distance from everyone. How could such a girl end badly?Even if she had ever loved Wei Wuxian, she had a very clear understanding of herself, so it was enough to have a good memory and didn’t want more.Memories back to memories, but also have to continue to move forward, the dead do not chase, all come, this is the basic reason for continuous living wonderful, is not it?Do you like the character Of Mianmian?