Exposure!Three officials in Changzhi city have been held accountable for failing to implement epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention

2022-05-28 0 By

At present, changzhi city forest fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, the city at all levels of party organizations and the majority of party members and cadres moved, charge in the front, continue to fight, actively engaged in the grassroots line, effectively maintain the good situation of social security and stability in our city.However, there are still a small number of party members and cadres who are not in a high political position, have a weak sense of the overall situation, and have a weak sense of discipline and rules. They turn a deaf ear to the important decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Committee, leave their posts without LEAVE, and are lazy and loose, which bring hidden dangers to the city’s forest fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control work.For discipline, warning education to promote the city party members and cadres to further strengthen bear due responsibility, as now the three poor work to carry out the typical problems about below on April 3, municipal party committee, municipal government inspection into five counties 18 township 51 village, forest fire prevention work to observe investigations, found that two county not on-the-job Bao Village cadres.Among them, Qin County Nanli Town Nanli Village bao village cadres Tian Baohe (Qin County modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone management Committee development planning Department minister) is not in the post, after the study and decision of The County committee of Qin County, given his dismissal processing;Zhang Xiaofei (deputy director of Wang Tao Sub-bureau of Tax Bureau of Qinyuan County), a cadre of Bao Village, Guodao Town, Guodao Town, Qinyuan County, left his post without authorization, and has instructed Qinyuan County Party Committee and relevant departments to remove him according to the cadre management authority.Other problems found during the inspection have been reported back to the relevant counties for rectification.On March 31, when Licheng County was organizing regional nucleic acid testing, the county sent huo Xiaoyong (director of inspection office of Licheng County Party Committee), a community cadre of The County baolian, to leave his post without any reason. After deliberation and decision of Licheng County Party Committee, he was removed from his post.All party members and cadres in the city must learn a profound lesson from it, learn from it and draw inferiorexamples from it. They must resolutely shoulder the special mission of the special period, stick to their posts and lead the way, and do a good job in forest fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control with iron responsibility and iron discipline.The party committee decided that all party members and cadres who fail to perform their duties, leave their posts without permission, or retreat from danger in forest fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control work will be dealt with severely and quickly in accordance with regulations and disciplines.At the same time, all counties, districts and municipal units should strengthen the management of dispatched rural cadres to guarantee traffic safety and provide logistical support.