Farming management and protection mechanization, interplanting irrigation by science and technology “old-style” to learn farming

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After the start of spring, spring ploughing and spring planting are in full swing.However, in Qingzhai Village, Tianping Town, Yuping Dong Autonomous County, Ma Yinchun, a lifelong farmer, found himself an outsider.”I’m ‘taking other people’s money and growing my own land.'”Ma’s land was transferred to the Yuping Agricultural Machinery Farmers’ Professional Cooperative, earning more than 10,000 yuan a year as a worker.At first, Ma was reluctant to transfer her land, but she knew that she could not make much money a year by relying on traditional farming methods, even if she was tired.Why can co-operatives make money by farming the same land?In order to find out, every time the cooperative released recruitment information, Ma yinchun always came to the industrial base early, planning to learn farming while working.There were many things that Ma yinchun could not understand from his study: removing the soil barrier at the edge of the field, laying pipes to increase irrigation facilities, extending the industrial road to the end of the base, even using rototillers to turn the land and unmanned aerial vehicles to manage and protect the land.”What a surprise!”Ma Yinchun regrets.It is understood that as a traditional agricultural county of The jade Screen, in the past rural land scattered, plots of different shapes, small area, belongs to the typical hilly and mountainous areas, agricultural production of scale, equipment, mechanization level is not high, low utilization rate of mountainous areas, crop output is not high.In recent years, Yuping has actively explored a development model suitable for hilly and mountainous areas during the adjustment of industrial structure, promoted the steady improvement of agricultural mechanization equipment, operation, safety and socialized service, and provided strong support for the development of green modern agriculture and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.Especially in the process of exploring the mechanization of mountain agriculture, Yuping aims to meet the needs of farmers and new agricultural operation subjects for mechanized production, focuses on the construction of agricultural machinery cooperation organization and the transformation of leading agricultural machinery industry, constantly gathers production factors such as land, technology, capital and talents, and reasonably expands the scale of land operation.We will guide the orderly centralized transfer of land management rights to large farming and breeding households, specialized farmer cooperatives, and agricultural enterprises, and ensure that agricultural machinery runs through all aspects of crop cultivation, sowing, management, and harvesting to steadily increase the benefits of agricultural development.Ma yinchun caught the opportunity.During his “study” at the base, Ma only participated in part of the operation of sowing and picking, from planting to harvesting. All the work at the base was mechanical, saving both time and effort.Cooperatives are also interplanting in the base to increase industrial benefits and labor consumption.Looking at the distinct arrangement of broccoli and potatoes in the base, Ma yinchununderstood: “Technology supports quality and efficiency, which is more reliable than the ‘old-style’ planting experience.”Not only that, in the process of the development of modern agriculture, jade screen depends on the agricultural machinery socialization development projects, in order to become bigger and stronger as the goal, from the direction of crop, assignments, internal management, operations, technology, production safety, etc to support agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, meet county in land plowing, concentrated area prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, the respect such as rice rape their job requirements.At the same time, Yuping has also actively improved the construction of modern agricultural infrastructure such as high-standard farmland, industrial roads, cold storage and greenhouses, effectively promoting high-quality and efficient agriculture, livable and suitable work in rural areas, and prosperity of farmers.At present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of main crops in Yuping reaches 45.72%, higher than the average level of the whole province, ranking in the forefront of Tongren city.The foundation for agricultural and rural life and production is being strengthened, and a beautiful picture of modern agriculture is gradually emerging.