Gaotai chengguan: after the festival, the center gathers strength to regulate the order of city appearance

2022-05-28 0 By

After the lunar New Year holiday, gaotai county tube enforcement law enforcement personnel quickly switch from “vacation mode” to “channel”, accepting heart, cohesion, work in high spirit and full of enthusiasm devoted to various eyesores concentration in a clampdown, resumed as soon as possible after order, the city appearance for citizens to create a clean and orderly working and living environment.Outside the agency to urban main road shop management, strong-arming, heap of the place, mobile vendors, sending out small advertisement violation behavior for renovation, adhere to strict law enforcement and the warm service, the combination of harmonious and civilized law enforcement, properly handle the various problems, patient carefully the merchants on relevant laws and regulations of urban management, help enterprises to outside business objects move to indoor,We will urge mobile street vendors to enter designated locations to conduct business in a standardized manner, and maintain clean roads and the order of the city’s appearance and environment.At the same time, strictly implement the grid supervision mechanism of “fixed posts, fixed personnel, fixed responsibilities and fixed timing”, carry out continuous inspection and control of the main and secondary roads, back streets and alleys, convenient markets and surrounding areas within the jurisdiction, and strictly prevent any rebound phenomenon.Up to now, a total of more than 80 standardized stores outside the operation, cleaning up more than 30 mobile stalls, the removal of “psoriasis” more than 20, effectively purify the city environment, improve the city appearance.