How to choose a foldable phone?The reason for the premium on the OPPO Find N is simple

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As we all know, the foldable mobile phone market has presented a scene of a hundred flowers blooming, not only Samsung and Huawei, other domestic smart phone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO and Honor have launched their own foldable mobile phone, but in terms of price, OPPO Find N foldable mobile phone definitely brings more surprises to consumers.The 8GB+256GB version costs only 7,699 yuan, which is lower than the price of more than 10,000 yuan for foldable phones from other manufacturers.Of course, the OPPO Find N foldable phone is not only cost-effective, its comprehensive configuration is very good, so far it has been sold several times, but almost all of them are sold out, even “premium”, need to increase the price to buy, which also shows that this phone has been widely praised by consumers.I’ve played with it for a while, and there are three main reasons why it’s so popular, and you’ll see if the OPPO Find N is worth buying.For foldable phones, the inner screen is the core. I have seen a discussion on the topic # Foldable in-screen and out-screen, which one has a high usage rate?#, and according to the results of the discussion, most people buy foldable phones just to expand the scene. They have a demand for large screens, so the inner screen is the focus.The design idea of OPPO Find N foldable phone is that the inner screen is the main one, the inner screen size is 7.1 inches, supporting 120Hz high brush, the comprehensive quality of the inner screen is higher, and the hinge can be used for 300,000 times, and the crease is very small after being expanded, basically reaching the level of Huawei Mate X2.At the same time, OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone design is smaller, support multi-angle hover, more ways to use, the weight of only 275G, for girls, daily carry is more convenient, hold for a long time, will not easily hand acid, this point compared with other folding screen mobile phone, or more advantageous.In addition, in terms of core configuration, OPPO Find N foldable phone is not behind. It is powered by snapdragon 888 processor, and its performance is still very strong, but the heat dissipation is a little worse, but it is sufficient for daily office work and large games.With the new ColorOS widget, the experience is flagship.The OPPO Find N foldscreen phone has a 32 megapixel front screen and a 50 megapixel rear screen. It uses the same camera as Huawei P50 Pro and uses SONY IMX766 aperture sensor. Xiaomi 12 and realmGT2 Pro all use this sensor.Also shows that its imaging effect is still good, usually take photos or video, are pretty good.Of course, OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone is more used in the inner screen, so it is very cheap, power consumption will be faster, so he is equipped with a 4500mAh capacity battery, in the folding screen mobile phone, the capacity of the battery is very good, because it also needs to control the thickness of the phone.Moreover, it supports 33W wired quick charge +15W wireless flash charge, which is sufficient for daily charging and can also take into account different use scenarios.Xiao Hao summed up that if I buy a foldable phone, the main use is actually the inner screen, after all, if I always use the outer screen, buy a foldable phone would be a bit redundant.OPPO Find N successfully bet, the idea is also right, the inner screen under the full effort, but also bring more extreme experience.The most important thing is that the price of this phone is really not high, but the biggest problem is that it is difficult to buy, which also shows that this phone has a very good reputation and is worth buying.If you want to know more exciting content, follow the digital Xiao Hao