May we all create miracles

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Directed by Wen Muye, produced by Ning Hao and led by Yi Yangqianxi, the film Miracle And Stupid Children has released its accompanying song, The Sea and the Sky.It shows the team cohesion and warm emotions of “Odd Team” in and out of the play like family to watch and help, and also pays tribute to every striver who strives for a happy life.”Miracle stupid children” related topics occupy a number of hot search, word-of-mouth straight up, Maoyan, Taopiaopiao and other scoring platforms have been opened, among them, Maoyan 9.5 points, Taopiaopiao 9.5 points, 9.1 points, attention has risen.The movie “Wonder stupid Kid” was released nationwide on New Year’s Day.The film tells a story about entrepreneurship.Jing Hao, a 20-year-old migrant worker in Shenzhen, had to take risks in order to raise money for surgery for his sister.After their mother’s death, the two siblings had to live on their own. Life was bitter and tight, but very warm.As the second feature film directed by Wen Muye, the film has both the familiar Wen and the surprising transformation.It is such a group of seemingly insignificant people, but always break through their own, to achieve a bigger goal.This is the miracle.After its release on The first day of The Chinese New Year, the movie “Miracle · Stupid Kids”, with the warm and inspiring story of “ordinary little people working together to do great things”, has won many audiences’ real voice after the screening:”Director Wen Muye strives to use a very close and harsh ‘reality’, with a perspective close to life and praised as infinite details to win, to show the audience under the new era, those who strive for a happy life, ordinary people, bring joy and hope to the audience”.Life is hard. Miracles are hot.The film depicts the pulse of the big time from the perspective of the little guy.Everyone can find the shadow of their own life in this film, find the motivation to struggle, see the reality of the “miracle”.This time, Wen muye and Yi Yangqianxi are working together for the first time. As a representative of the outstanding young directors of the post-1985 generation and the backbone of the young actors of the post-2000 generation, they are working together to create the youngest urban legend in Shenzhen, the hot land of China.The English name of the movie is Nice View, and the leading actor is Jing Hao, played by Yi Yangqixi. At the beginning of the movie, there is a sentence that says, “Good times always exist.”From beginning to end, it is inseparable from this good scene.Thus, the good scene has become the main creator of the film’s role, as well as the audience’s good wishes.As a happiness-oriented film, Wonder and Stupid Is the first time that realism is introduced into the Spring Festival, paying tribute to ordinary people who strive for a happy life.