Ranked the first brush, but the last one successfully landed, postgraduate entrance examination is really “too magic”

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The 2022 postgraduate entrance examination has come to the second half of the second half, after the postgraduate entrance examination reexamination line comes out, colleges and universities have announced the reexamination arrangement, which also means that the postgraduate entrance examination reexamination has officially opened the prelude.Among them, some “fast moving” universities have announced the list of applicants, such as Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Chongqing University and Guangxi University.In the previous article, I have reminded you many times: no matter what your score is in the preliminary examination, or what your rank is in the preliminary examination, before the entrance examination begins, you should prepare carefully.This is not, we have announced from the intended admission list, you can find lively positive and negative “examples”.Some examinee first try rank is brushed instead in take an examination of one’s deceased father grind second try, and some examinee although rank is hind, but after second try successful however reverse attack, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind second try, some really “too magic”!The number one is brushed off, but the last one is smooth landing?A student with high scores in the School of Computer Science at Tsinghua University went viral on the Internet after the university announced the list of candidates for the second round. The reason was not his total score, but that he got a full mark in mathematics.The candidate, majoring in Computer System structure at Tsinghua University, ranked first in the preliminary exam with a perfect score of 405 in mathematics.This thought he can go ashore smoothly, did not think of is to be brushed off in the postgraduate entrance examination.In contrast, one candidate from Xiamen University was very lucky.The candidate, majoring in astronomy at Xiamen University, scored only 318 points in the preliminary exam, ranking 11th.According to the enrollment plan of Xiamen University, the astronomy Department plans to recruit 10 people.If there is no second round of postgraduate entrance examination, the lower ranked examinee will definitely be brushed off.However, by virtue of his excellent performance in the postgraduate entrance examination, he successfully counterattacked and landed at Xiamen University, ranking 6th.How to view the “magic” postgraduate entrance examination?After seeing the list of candidates to be admitted, some examinees said: the no.1 examinee may be a bad undergraduate school.And that ranking the bottom of the examinee, may be the undergraduate college cattle.In fact, otherwise, tsinghua University computer major was brushed off the first undergraduate graduated from Sichuan University, “the first degree” is not bad.As for the reason, or the examinee in the second round of the postgraduate entrance exam poor performance.Take an examination of one’s deceased father grind answer test can you see the level of examinee really?Before this, there were many voices about canceling the second round of postgraduate entrance examination.They generally believe that the second round of postgraduate entrance examination is just a process, and it may be convenient for some examinees to “pull strings”.If you think the same way, I can only say that you are too amateurish.In fact, during the second round of the postgraduate entrance examination, every college will send a video of the interview, so it is completely unrealistic to cut corners in the second round.In addition, the first test score is high does not represent comprehensive ability is strong, in one’s deceased father grind second test, the basic knowledge of some high score examinee is not quite solid instead.For example, tsinghua University computer professional second test will be unified arrangement “computer” link, focusing on the inspection of students’ professional basic level.If you ranked high on the first test, but did a terrible job on the second test, it’s understandable that you were dropped.Today the topic said so much, the author still want to remind each examinee and parents: to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind retest, must take very seriously.Must not be paralyzed because of the first test rankings, also can not be ranked at the bottom and give up.Postgraduate entrance examination in the total score also accounted for a large proportion, in the final list of candidates did not come out, everything is unknown.I hope the above information can bring help to you, I wish you success on shore, gold list title!For more exciting content, follow Sesame Kan education