Genting Chess: S6.5 comes, celebrities add new cast members, fighting back to the peak

2022-05-29 0 By

Now Genting Go has entered the s6.5 season. For this new season, there are many new heroes and all kinds of fetters, and for these fetters, the corresponding effect of Hex enhancement has been greatly enhanced, the number of nearly doubled.This has lead to we may need to spend more time in the game, to explore the effect of the sea, so, so, according to their own in the measurement of gaming experience to recommend some suitable for fast on the squad, and the team operational difficulty is relatively low, facilitate everybody can learn more by watching in the game,Hex enhancement in the new version.This issue, xiaobian to recommend the lineup is celebrity knife sister.The squad is one of the eight people can shape, the main pieces are three and four fee hero, as long as the team’s main fetter is 3 socialite 4 geeks white wizard 2, 3 inventor by the saller Fanny, na plus, who constitute 3 socialites, consist of Ike, robot, EZ plus sister 4 geeks,Mogana and Sena form 2 white sorcerer bond, by knife sister and Naer form 2 attack fighter bond, by Salefany, Ike plus EZ form 3 inventors bond.Then let us this side of the sea, strengthen the effect of the recommended, in the presence of 1-3 rounds the first sea,, if you have waste processing plant is will take, after all, it can make us get a lot of equipment, and then there is the archangel of the sea, and he can bring knife sister enough output, in addition,The effect of shock slam is also available, which allows the blade girl to attack while having control effect. In addition, other effects related to socialite attack warrior, white magician, such as The shackle Hex effect can be used, after all, we know that this output comes from the blade girl under the three socialite bonus.Next let xiaobian to explain to you at least the lineup of specific operation ideas.In the early stage of the game, we need to priority in snatching gloves this equipment in the first round draft gear, the second is the attack rate and large sword, these equipment are prepared for knife sister, wearing a bow and mercury is indispensable, wearing a bow can guarantee a knife sister when release skills can reduce the effect of the equipment from the armour,Can ensure a knife sister zha of mercury can be influenced by enemy skills, thus can be more flexible output, in the battle for the third piece of equipment, small make up recommend here is endless, giant kill or Titan choose one of the three pieces of equipment, specific circumstances but also depends on the game, however, generally choose endless or Titan.Then there is The equipment of Saleany, which is usually a ghost book plus a dragon sword. As for the meat costume, it is mainly given to Morgana, after all, Morgana’s skills can give her a very high tanning degree, as for the other three collectible heroes.In the early transition lineup selection, we generally went straight to inventor and geek.In the middle of the game, before we turn 4-1, the main task is to save the upgrade population, after finished the Wolf blame the wave we need to start D CARDS, younger sister this time we need to find the knife, because this time only a knife sister can let we have with the strength of the other side of the first world war, after the fetters of raise 4 geeks,We can take a chain mail to Ike, to wear a belt, EZ and robot in this way, through the effect of immediate fetter, Ike by large probability get temporary static cassock, and EZ and any equipment either with belt synthetic robots, has very good effect in the battle, after all, belt can synthesis equipment belong to some functional equipment,For example: Spirit Wind, Ambush Claw, portal, all of these items can greatly improve our fault tolerance in battle.Later in the game, we need to decide the direction of the lineup based on the enhancement hex gets, or the transfer letter we get, for example:Get hit men to change your job, you can choose falling morgana, make up for the last four fetter, if turnover is a job, then we can choose to nine on the population, and then make the 5 socialites, so, for the knife younger sister’s ascension will be an epic, if is the inventor full-time, can choose nine,Then fill jess gather up 5 inventor fetter, if it is a white magician bosom, then you can gather up nine out of 4 white magician fetter.All in all, at the end of the game, we have to make decisions based on the big picture.That’s all the content of this issue, xiaobian believes that this lineup will give you a great experience.