Spring Festival closed non-stop scraping “Ren Yin Tiger” add blessing add color

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According to the Notice of the Ministry of Finance on the Arrangements for the Closure of lottery Market in 2022, the closing time of Welfare Lottery during the Spring Festival of 2022 will be 0:00 on January 29, 2022 to 24:00 on February 7, 2022.During the holiday period, except for the instant welfare lottery, the sale, drawing and redemption of other kinds of national welfare lottery games will be stopped.In the lively Spring Festival holiday, some station owners will close the station door to close business, while the rest of the market to concentrate on family company.There are also some station owners to add joy to lottery people, choose normal business or semi-business state, continue to provide lottery ticket sales services for lottery people.Now, how about some sites that are still open during the Spring Festival holiday?The Spring Festival is not XiuGong A hectic day by day in the whole nation is immersed in the joy of home accompany with family, a lot of lottery station master did not idle, they or within the station, or in the stores, people for the lunar New Year holiday out to play with the sales and service of make out an invoice, at the same time, “I tiger” series of sell like hot cakes of make out an invoice and let stand Lord energy.Lianyungang city, jiangsu province, according to the 32070243 lottery betting station master Zhu Shimeng as of February 6, the welfare lottery center staff in lianyungang led volunteered for the Spring Festival or station master of small field activities of make out an invoice, are sold in three large business super, local park 15 days namely make out an invoice, only his is New Year s field of make out an invoice already sold 250000 yuan of make out an invoice.”‘ Ren Yin Hu ‘series of instant tickets sold out in the second day, I sold a total of 150,000 yuan in this store’ Ren Yin Hu ‘that is to issue tickets, I came every day during the Spring Festival, feeling busier than usual, but watching everyone happy to scratch the lottery, I also feel very satisfied.”Zhu Shimeng said with a smile to the “Charity Times” reporter.The betting station 31090867 run by Mr. Hu is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. He is busy from morning to night during the Spring Festival holiday.”I this site in the business circle, a lot of people will come here to buy a few scratchoff lottery to try their luck, roughly estimated, from January 29 to now the sales of nearly 400,000 yuan, and ‘Ren Yin Hu’ series is the basic choice of citizens, this lottery alone sold nearly 300,000 yuan.Seeing everyone like to play the lottery and people winning 10,000 yuan, I am very happy even though I am busy.”Located in Ningxia Wuzhong City tongxin County fucai no. 64212701 betting station, the Spring Festival closed these days has also been open for business, the station owner Ma Jie said happily, lottery people have nothing to turn around New Year, by the way to buy a few tickets, site sales are also good, “‘ Ren Yinhu ‘series tickets sold nearly 60,000 yuan.Some lottery people even scraped out a prize of more than 1,000 yuan.Of course, there are many station owners in the Spring Festival holiday and family reunion at the same time, do not forget the lottery, every day take time to the betting station business, to scratch the lottery to send holiday wishes and good luck in the New Year.”When the market was closed for the Chinese New Year, my family came to my place. I didn’t sell many scratch-offs, but OCCASIONALLY I went to the betting booth because some lottery users wanted to buy scratch-offs to win a good fortune in the New Year.”Guo Dongxia, owner of fucai no. 15017313 betting station in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said she could sell “Ren Yin Hu” series for 1,000 yuan a day on average during the market holiday.Wang Hong, the owner of the 65430102 Lucky lottery betting station in Altay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said that during the Spring Festival, he would sometimes go to the station for a while. As long as the door was open, there would be someone to scratch the tickets. Lottery players still like to play “Ren Yin Hu” series, which is ticketing, and they all want to have good luck., end, this article for the public good times in the original CLS – starting, reproduction reprint please reply back “reprint” authorized reprint please indicate the source: the good times in the CLS – “offenders will investigate article | Chen huan