The positive approval of free travel has brought popularity but not profits

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The positive approval of free travel has brought popularity but not profits.Shijiazhuang positive definite in the surrounding areas, a county economy is only slightly better than LuanCheng, is inferior to the city of chaff and luq too much, in fact, it was very unexpected surprise, investment in the construction of a new district has not dominant industry, investment built a city popularity brings no benefits, new city farther, so popular in the ancient city of positive definite travel,Surprisingly little effect on the economy.I think it’s still the same free result.As we all know, most of zhengding scenic spots are free of charge, and parking fees are also free of charge. This result is popular, but what about benefits?I have some reservations about this free operation.1, high welfare is not a good choice, not to mention the economy is not developed on the basis of the welfare state, in Western Europe in many developed countries high welfare have drawbacks, first of all, high benefits weaken people’s enterprising spirit, make people lose by trying to obtain the required power, on the other hand, high welfare is also part of depriving others work achievement,It discourages creative people.When people’s consciousness has not reached a certain level, high welfare is often a synonym for social waste caused by competing for advantages.2. We should be clear that scenic spots have consumption and need continuous follow-up maintenance. Relying on financial allocation without tourism income will cause a burden on underdeveloped cities, thus affecting their development.Free scenic spots seem to bring happiness to residents, but weaken the development potential of the city and affect people’s long-term income.When a country or city is rich enough to pay back society in this way, it is self-destructive for backward regions to do so.3, a lot of people say, the scenic spot free people there will be other consumption to drive economic, it is just a kind of ideal imagination, can not accept tickets he is consumption, don’t want to consumption do not collect tickets he does not, of course, some people will be eating some shopping on consumption, but more and more people would rather bring their own food also won’t have any consumption,There are also many people who deliberately order the wrong meal and go there after eating or go home after playing.4, the free scenic spot will appear the more people the greater the loss, just think, spend 20 yuan but have 25 yuan of scenic spot consumption, so the more people come, the greater the loss will be, but not as good as fewer people to come.5, the greater the strength of the difference of scenic spot consumption, everyone should understand this truth, the buffet all have experience greatly, strength difference person eat self-help thinking about is how to come back, he will not want to fail if people are such psychological restaurant, strength people eat buffet is because there are more choices, choose the things, like tasted ok,Is a kind of damage type one is XiangShouXing, as a result, not the same, the original do the merchants of affordable buffet was good to eat down really wasn’t news, as many people now take you scenic spots for free and I’ll get something to eat to coerce, feel in the scenic spot to eat is the scenic great reward, regard themselves as superior god’s mind is very,This mentality of people pay a want to have ten returns, the loss of the scenic spot is quite large.Is invested a huge sum of money for the restoration of the ancient city of positive definite recovery, the daily maintenance of the scenic area also need constant input, if the free scenic spot does not have enough consumption income, such a free and open, not only brings the economic benefits will be the burden of economic development, I am not opposed to free of scenic spots, I don’t against the economic power of free behavior.